BlueHost Simple Scripts / Fantastico

Do you know that you can actually make life a whole lot easier with the BlueHost one click installation feature – aka, the BlueHost Fantastico and BlueHost Simple Script?

One of the great things about choosing BlueHost as your site hosting provider is that you will not only get superb service, you can also get to pay just $3.95 each month on your site hosting plan! All you need to do is to make use of the BlueHost coupon code $2.95 and you will be able to save a few bucks each month!

One of the things that can actually be very annoying when it regards the process of launching a new site is the manual script installations! Sheesh! A couple of years ago where there were no script installers like the BlueHost Fantastico (which comes with a standard website hosting plan), it could really get excruciatingly BORING!

Thanks to the advent of Fantastico! The Fantastico has actually become a great blessing to the website hosting industry and a large number of top site hosting companies offer this unique tool to users (automatically) with their site hosting account. This made it a whole lot easier and faster to install scripts – yay!

What Makes Fantastico All that and a bag of Chips?

One of the great things about Fantastico is that it offers you the chance to (easily) install a broad variety of top site scripts. With a single click, installing these scripts with Fantastico will be a piece of cake. From blogs to forums, you will be glad to know that there is a piece of software that you can easily install using Fantastico – you will definitely find this tool very valuable.

Accessing BlueHost Fantastico is Easy!

Are you wondering how to access the BlueHost Fantastico? This is very simple task to do. As a matter of fact, all you are required to do is to simply log on to your BlueHost site hosting control panel (cPanel). As soon as you are in, simply search for the Fantastico button, then click on it and you will be immediately taken to the cPanel’s Fantastico section in order to carry on with your quick script installations.

How Secure is the BlueHost Fantastico?

The BlueHost Fantastico is extremely secure! You do not need to worry your head about pesky hackers getting their sticky paws on your data, simply because you are making use of Fantastico to make your website development a lil easier. As a matter of fact, no user has complained that Fantastico is the reason for a malicious hacker attempt.

To be a little more specific, BlueHost is the website hosting service provider while Fantastico is one of its very interesting features. The combo of BlueHost and Fantastico will give users the opportunity to do great things with their website.

When you sign up with BlueHost you will be given a BlueHost cPanel account. When you log in to your BlueHost cPanel you will see loads of scripts that you can set up. When you make use of the BlueHost Fantastico installer, you will find the script installation process easy. This tool can also be used to assist you retain the scripts for the newest version. This is perhaps one of the general purposes of making use of the Fantastico installer.

Users will also be happy to know that the BlueHost Fantastico also offers a lot of free scripts as well. If you wish to install any one of the scripts like Joomla, WordPress blog, phpWCMS, PHP-Nuke, b2evolution blog, Nucleas blog, Mambo Open Source, Drupal, Geeklog, Post-Nuke, help center live, then you will need to utilize the BlueHost Fantastico, so that you can easily install these scripts with a simple click!

BlueHost Simple Script

As mentioned earlier, BlueHost is one of the best site hosting companies that provide excellent service to its numerous users. The BlueHost Simple Scripts is also one of most reliable and secured functional tools offered by this site hosting company.

The BlueHost Simple Script is pretty much like the BlueHost Fantastico. The only difference between the Simple Scripts and Fantastico is that the Simple Script is much advanced and is the only installer tool that is utilized to set up PHP scripts. In order to improve the features and functionality of your site, you can easily select from the broad range of scripts that is readily available within the BlueHost’s Simple Scripts. Being able to easily add a blog or forum to your site will no longer be a overwhelming task, with the BlueHost Simple Scripts you can do this within a couple of clicks.

Take advantage of the BlueHost coupon in order to save big on your monthly website BlueHost site hosting cost! You will only get to pay $3.95 per month if you use the BlueHost coupon! Hurry and grab a BlueHost coupon NOW!

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