BlueHost Unlimited Domain Hosting

BlueHost Unlimited Domain Hosting

BlueHost is one of the leading web hosting providers due to their cost effective and reliable web hosting services and rock solid background in the hosting industry. BlueHost has been around for years and they have the most innovative and up to date hosting technologies coupled with unmatched domain hosting service. BlueHost now offers unlimited domain hosting in a single hosting account and this is one of the many reasons why BlueHost is one of the leading hosting providers in the market today.

Unlimited domain hosting is more like web hosting a business on a very tight budget. With what BlueHost has to offer when it comes to multiple domain hosting, there is no reason for you to end up using cheap web hosting service that allows you only limited domain hosting on a single account.

Multiple Domains On A Single Hosting Account

If you have the opportunity to host unlimited domains, you are also extending your opportunity of managing multiple websites using a single control panel. This is different from reseller hosting. BlueHost’s unlimited domain hosting gives you the capacity to host multiple domains on your cPanel account together with your personal domains. Using a single account, you are able to simplify your website management issues which naturally come with having one too many sites.

One of the greatest advantages of BlueHost’s unlimited domain hosting is that all your domains can be managed using a single control panel. Think about the hassle you may have if you have seven domains spread offer seven different cheap hosting sites? Trying to keep track of them will be a nightmare not to mention the other issues such as updating your add-ons, renewing your certificates, and a whole lot more. But if you have it all in a single control panel, you will always have the opportunity to view and manage them every time you log into your BlueHost account.

The fact that you can host multiple domains with a single account is very important because this is a big money saver. With Bluehost discount code, you can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month and still enjoy a full array of features including unlimited bandwidth, storage space, and unlimited domain hosting among others. If BlueHost will only allow you to host one domain per hosting account, it means you have to pay $27.65 every month if you have seven websites. In one year, you will accumulate more than three hundred thirty dollars in hosting fee instead of just forty seven dollars if you were able to host all your seven websites using one BlueHost account.

The more number of domains you can host on a single web hosting account, the more money you can save. Not all web hosting providers will allow you host more than one domain in your account. It will be quite a hassle if you have to create several separate accounts just to accommodate all your websites. More account means more money to spend and if you are just starting to get into the money making business offered by internet, you will need to have bigger starting capital to finance your web hosting requirements. With BlueHost, you are being given the opportunity to save huge amounts of money by hosting unlimited domains while requiring you to pay only for one web hosting account.

Other Unlimited Offers

With BlueHost professional web hosting package, you will never have to worry about the volume of files you need to save or how many pages you want to incorporate in your website because they offer unlimited hosting space. You also get to enjoy unlimited file transfer for free which means people can easily download stuff from your website without you having to pay any extra fee. You can also register your domains at BlueHost without having to use a third party provider so everything is more organized and easier for you.

Additionally, you are also given one free domain registration so you do not have to renew or re-register your main domain. This gives you an additional saving of around ten dollars the first year. Aside from the unlimited domain hosting, there are also unlimited FTP Accounts, Add-on Domains, Parked Domains, Sub Domains, POP3 Accounts, E-mail Alias and Auto Responders.

Extending Your Hosting Limitations

BlueHost’s unlimited domain hosting is just one of the numerous unlimited hosting features offered by the company. All these unlimited features are available at half the price of BlueHost’s original hosting plan which is a huge money saver for all who have more than one website.

Although most of you would like this to be as it is, availing this wonderful offer now is the next best thing to do. BlueHost caters to millions of customers worldwide and you will never know up to when this less than four dollars unlimited offering will last.

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