BlueHost Webmail

BlueHost Webmail

BlueHost supports three different web based email solutions accessible through its webmail interface. Not all web hosting providers offer a web based way for accessing email accounts. This allows users to access their email accounts using any computer wherever they are without the need to configure any programs installed in the system.

Every BlueHost web hosting account is inclusive of three distinct web mail clients like RoundCube, Horde, and SquirrelMail. If you want to check your mails via a desktop application like MS Outlook Express or through Thunderbird, you can utilize the auto configure system so you can automatically set up your email client.

BlueHost is one of the web hosting companies that provide unlimited POP3/POP3 and IMAP secure e-mail support. The primary advantage of this is that every e-mail account has its own login details and password. So, if you are operating a company website and you want your staff to have their own email account for your site, you can generate secure email accounts regardless of the volume you want as per the number of staff you have and each of these accounts will have its own mail storage space and mailbox. Each user will have their own login details and password so they can individually access their own mail box via webmail online access or email client software.

With three different webmail supports system, this will allow clients to effectively manage their messaging requirements without wasting valuable time and resources. This is one of the benefits of being able to support three web based email solution because it provides website owners the ability to manage their own e-mail access even without employing the services of qualified web content developers. This effective tool is also very cost effective because it does not need any direct human intervention to operate after set up which will save you huge money on maintenance and training costs.

How To Use The Webmail Client?

The best way for accessing the web based email platform is by logging into the BlueHost’s cPanel and clicking the link for WebMail. From there, you can choose any of the webmail clients either the RoundCube, Horde, or SquirrelMail. You can also log in directly to the webmail client of your choice via these URLs. Just replace the address with your own domain address and you will go directly to the webmail client.

For Horde, you can use this URL:

For RoundCube, you can use this URL:

For SquirrelMail, you can use this URL:

If you will login in your webmail via the webmail icon located on the main page of your cPanel, you be logged in using the default email account system. If you want to log in on one of your additional accounts using the cPanel, you must first go to your Email Accounts and then select the icon for Access Webmail located next to the email account you want to access. Type in the corresponding password and login name and click the login button.

Secure E-mail Connection

Aside from offering three different web based email solution, BlueHost also provides secure email support which is a great advantage for businesses and other organizations who want to setup their own internal communications via web based email retrieval system.

Secure IMAP and POP3 email support is included in the unlimited email offered by BlueHost. And using a Bluehost discount code, you can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month and have the opportunity to use of the most secure email feature along with other unlimited features like Forwarding E-mail Accounts, free web scripts (Message Forum (PHPBB and More, Form-mail Scripts, Social Networking Scripts, Blog Support for WordPress, b2evolution, etc., Mailing Lists and a whole lot more), e-commerce features, comprehensive multimedia features, and a whole lot more. All these great hosting features are available for $3.95 per month with no additional charges or hidden costs.

POP3 and IMAP secure email platform supports multiple mail boxes within the BlueHost server. Web clients can make, remove, and or rename mail boxes based on their preferences. With multiple mail boxes support, BlueHost can give direct access to public and shared folders. However, web clients can regulate access rights by using the Access Control List extension.

Incorporating an effective but secure mailing system is more than just a localized networking system and communication that allows companies or other organizations for that matter to incorporate its operational framework while bridging their employees into a centralized workforce. Today, the secure e-mail platform has become an essential part of business operation which allows them to cut on unnecessary communication expenses and other related operational expenses while maximizing the productivity of each employee. This is one of the reasons why BlueHost’s hosting packages is not only among the most reliable but also the most cost effective hosting plan ever introduced in the market.

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