BlueHost DHTML Support

BlueHost DHTML Support

BlueHost offers affordable hosting services to individuals and businesses. They give good support, speed and flexibility. BlueHost offers advanced technology to its users. It supports Flash, Python, Shockwave, JavaScript and DHTML. Among them BlueHost DHTML (Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language) Support is more beneficial, as it helps you create animated and interactive web pages with minimum effort. Make use of Bluehost hosting offers to get a good web hosting package for just $3.95 per month.

What is DHTML?

DHTML is a new way of controlling the standard HTML codes as well as commands. The standard HTML will not allow changing a page, once it is loaded from the server. In order to make changes, request should come to the server. DHTML, on the other hand, provides you with more control over the HTML elements and lets you change at anytime you want, without returning to the server. The ability of DHTML to allow scripting languages to change variables web page’s definition language, which in turn affects the look and function of the HTML page content, makes it more useful for webmaster. DHTML combines HTML, scripting language like Java Script and presentation definition language like CSS. Getting BlueHost DHTML support can help you make rollover buttons and drop down menus on your web pages effortlessly and effectively.

Benefits of DHTML Support from BlueHost

BlueHost DHTML support helps you make use of all the main features of DHTML.

  • To Change the Tags and Properties – DHTML allows you to change the quality of an HTML tag, such as time, date or a mouse click. You can use this feature to preload information onto a page and not display it until your website visitor clicks on a specific link.
  • To Use Dynamic Fonts – DHTML allows you to use dynamic fonts to create titles. It ensures that your visitors see the title in the same font you have specified. With dynamic fonts, it is very easy to encode and download fonts with the page and assure that page will always look in the way you intended it to.
  • To Make Your Website Interactive – Real time positioning is one of the major features of DHTML. With objects, images and text moving around your webpage, you can keep website more interactive.
  • To Make Documents Dynamic – DHTML allows you to make dynamic documents, which lets you react and change with the actions of your visitors. You can hide and show content as required.
  • To Save Time – DHTML loads content quickly. Your whole web page will not be loaded, but only a part of the content that needs to be altered will be loaded. Hence, it saves the valuable time of your users, whilst providing the bright look to your website.
  • To Get More Control – DHTML helps you get more control over how the web page is formatted and how the content is positioned on the page.
  • To Get Greater Functionality – getting BlueHost DHTML support provides you with an opportunity to create websites that have graphic effects, compact looks and download fast. It offers greater functionality to make your website look great.

Tips to Use DHTML to Make Your Website Lively

BlueHost DHTML Support helps you make your web pages lively. A basic understanding of DHTML is enough to use its functions.

Manipulate the Text of Your Web pages

DHTML allows you to manipulate the text of your web pages in numerous ways, including

  • controlling font sizes, colors and styles
  • controlling text by adjusting in various ways like word spacing, kerning, line height, alignment, text decoration and controlling the amount of white space on a line
  • Controlling background colors
  • Controlling visibility
  • Controlling margins and borders

Add Multimedia and Animated Graphics

With BlueHost DHTML Support, you can add multimedia and animal graphics to your web pages effortlessly. You can add sound to your web page and add video. You can also add interactive music to your web page and get various effects by specifying style, activity level, band and transition and other characteristics of the music.

Some Awesome Ways to Use DHTML on Your Website

You can get BlueHost DHTML support to use it in an effectual manner. You can make the index page displaying a black background, when a visitor clicks on the link to your site. Then after a second, you can make the headline displayed in bright color or background. This helps you create a special effect and a great impression in the minds of your visitors. They will never forget your site and so the chances are more for them to revisit you. You can also make use of DHTML features to create a cool effect showing a fly changing its size, as it moves across the screen. DHTML is a powerful tool to control the text of your web pages. Getting the support of reliable web hosts like BlueHost can help you leverage it in an affordable and effectual manner.

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