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Amongst a number of web hosting companies available today, BlueHost is regarded as one of the best. Clients around the world are looking for a hosting company that is steadfast and truthful and BlueHost is known exactly for these qualities.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management framework and system. It is distributed with the General Public License, also known as GNU and is written in PHP. According to data, Drupal is used by as many as 2.1 % websites all over the world. Back end system is known to be its primary use. Political, corporate, personal blogs as well as government sites make use of Drupal. The official Whitehouse website also uses this wonderful application. Drupal is also successfully used for business collaboration as well as knowledge management.

BlueHost is best for Drupal

BlueHost is highly recommended for Drupal hosting. It is probably the biggest Drupal host available today. This highly efficient hosting company offers a skinned/tweaked cPanel version that includes marketing stuff. These are add-ons that BlueHost provides on every hosting. Overall, the skin is good and also integrated with support ticketing account management and a number of other parts of the system as well.

One would come across thousands of clients worldwide who are looking for nothing but BlueHost, when it comes to Drupal hosting. The hosting company is known to offer its clients a ‘VPS level’ resource protection. This in turn, this inflicts a hard cap on memory usage and CPU. This straightaway prevents the application from being over utilized by a single client.

To its credit, a BlueHost Drupal website would seldom slow down in terms of speed. This is something that every client would love, a website that operates at a brisk pace. Faster the speed of the site, higher are the chances of it making a big impression on the web. As far as the hardware is concerned, it is top-notch to say the least. The support options are simply great.

What does BlueHost offer in terms of Drupal Hosting?

The BlueHost account of the client is pre-configured in such a manner that the entire process of Drupal installation is extremely easy and lightening fast. This hosting company offers unlimited hosting space, thus making it unique and stands out from its competitors. Hence, a client is in a position to go on and host thousands of Drupal sites if he/she wishes to do so.

Ever since 2008, BlueHost is regarded very highly in the Drupal community. In the same year, the hosting company managed to come up with SimpleScripts, an application installer that was automated. The application was designed in such a way that it enabled the clients to install Drupal website with the help of one click. BlueHost was a sensation overnight and since then, there has been no looking back as far as Drupal is concerned. To its credit, BlueHost has served to more than 2,000,000 customers worldwide. This figure in itself indicates the efficiency of this hosting company. Many of these customers are retained even today, if not all. Out of this total figure, around eight percent customers are known to use websites that are based on Drupal application. Such is the compatibility between BlueHost and Drupal that even the latter’s official website recommends clients to use this hosting company.

The company is equipped with 16 years of experience and massive web hosting knowledge. It has three data centers that are dedicated in achieving excellent results. These centers include 100 percent top quality Drupal technical support that is available for the clients. With an investment exceeding 20 million US dollars, one can only admire the high standard technology being in use. The centers are based in Utah.

All this at an amazingly low prize

The combination of excellent service and low prizes is good enough to attract clients. This is exactly what BlueHost has on offer. With such spectacular Drupal hosting abilities, one would imagine that the hosting charges might be sky high. However, this is not the case. Initially, BlueHost Drupal hosting was costing $6.95 per month. To the delight of all its clients, BlueHost is offering a flat 67% Bluehost hosting coupon. It is now available at a minimal $3.95 per month, a price that is certainly worth paying for such wonderful service.

What does BlueHost Drupal Hosting Include?

  • Unlimited hosting of Drupal websites on a single account
  • Domain name registration free of cost
  • High standard Drupal hosting security including suPHP
  • Each account backed with CPU segregation technology
  • Features like SimpleScripts and cPanel that enable Drupal installation with the help of single click
  • Around the clock technical support service with less than 30 seconds holding times


With BlueHost being a pro in Drupal website hosting, clients around the world should opt for it with eyes closed.

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