BlueHost Discount $3.95 Per Month

BlueHost Discount $3.95 Per Month

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BlueHost Discount Offering

BlueHost is one of the largest and most comprehensive web hosting providers that boasts a trustworthy background with fifteen years experience in web hosting industry. BlueHost has one dedicated data center and with their approximately four hundred employees and three thousand servers, they are more than capable to serve more than three million different domains all around the world. At present, BlueHost has the largest customer base with estimated twenty thousand new members every month.

In the hosting industry, BlueHost is the only company that has its own dedicated data center with investments worth eight and a half million U.S. dollars in 2010. In two years’ time, the company invested addition two million dollars to improve its current data center which enabled them to offer unparalleled web hosting service in term of speed and reliability.

BlueHost Discount Promo

Even when you avail of BlueHost’s discount promo, your basic web hosting package is still inclusive of one free domain for life with unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth. You also get a support for hosting unlimited domains and or websites on one account. Although a Bluehost coupon can significantly lower your monthly cost to just $3.95 per month, you can still enjoy a whole range of hosting features such as unlimited FTP Accounts, Add-on Domains, Parked Domains, Sub Domains, POP3 Accounts, E-mail Alias and Auto Responders. Into the bargain, Bluehost also offers a free dedicated IP with free Private SSL and Site Builder upon sign up as well as free instant set up for half the price compared to other web hosting companies.

Availing the BlueHost discount will only lower your hosting cost but you can still access thousands of website templates and an additional one hundred dollars worth of Google AdWords credit. BlueHost supports almost all known innovative technologies using the Linux platform. This includes Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, Python, PostgreSQL, Perl, Fast CGI, CGI, SSL and Secure Shell or SSH.

Worldwide Service

When it comes to affordable hosting services, BlueHost’s $3.95 offering is truly unmatchable. Even with its relatively low startup cost, BlueHost can still guarantee consumers to enjoy full feature hosting packages at half the price of what it originally costs. So whether you are from Canada, United States, Australia, Russia, Spain, Germany, China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or any parts of the world, you are guaranteed to enjoy a full service with comprehensive after sales customer support.

BlueHost is popular for their reliable web hosting service not to mention their knowledgeable team of customer support staff. All these perks and privileges are available for any one from any part of the world for just half the price of its original cost.

How The Discount Works

It is very easy to avail of the discount being offered by BlueHost. All you need to do is click and activate the BlueHost direct discount link and you are entitled to their $3.95/month special discount rate. Without the discount, you will be charged with a regular hosting price of around $7.95/month if you are going for their twelve months term and $6.95/month for a twenty four months term. Once you click the Bluehost hosting coupon code you will only be charged with $3.95 per month which is an extremely good deal for a very reliable and excellent hosting service such as provided by BlueHost.

The BlueHost discount will be available all throughout the promotional period and anyone looking for a reliable but budget friendly hosting service is entitled to avail of the discount. The good thing about this is that there is no need to activate any BlueHost discount code. However, if you miss out on this offer, the regular hosting price will be back to the original $6.95 per month.

So in order to make sure that the discount is credited on your account, you need to act now. This is a very ideal promo offering for beginners particulrly those looking for the fastest and most reliable web hosting service online with less downtime events. Even expert webmasters can take the opportunity to avail of this discount promo for a complete web hosting service at half the price of most web hosting packages in the market today.

BlueHost Discount Features

Even at discounted prices, BlueHost ensures that customers are entitled to full features of their hosting packages. They can match almost all unlimited features offered by other hosting companies and the good thing about this is that their customer support will remain the same regardless of the amount of hosting fee you paid.

The beginner’s package worth $3.95/month is inclusive of POP3 Accounts, unlimited FTP Accounts, Parked Domains, E-mail Alias, Add-on Domains, Sub Domains and Auto Responders. Additionally, the company also provides free dedicated IP with free Private SSL and Site Builder upon signing up and this includes free instant set up.

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