BlueHost Shared Hosting

BlueHost Shared Hosting

With the influx of demand for web based information, the internet has become one of the busiest forms of virtual media that allowed people to improve its global reach while catering to individualized requirements of different users from different parts of the world. Because of this, it has also increased online competition for different websites from different market niche to further develop their online marketing approach by enhancing their web designs and features. With this in mind, finding a reliable and very efficient web hosting provider is a must in order to effectively facilitate various online promotional strategies that have been developed and innovated to better reach each target market.

At present, BlueHost is one of the leading web hosting providers in the market that offer comprehensive hosting services at affordable prices. BlueHost provide a cost effective hosting solution that allows organizations to effectively establish their online presence without spending excessive amount of money on shared hosting expenses. They also have the most comprehensive shared hosting services that are ideal for businesses, private organizations or for personal use. With unparalleled support and truly incredible price assessment, Bluehost is one of the best choices for your shared hosting needs. Also, this shared hosting platform is regularly being updated and continuously adding new and innovative services to further improve its current list of features.

BlueHost Shared Hosting Features

BlueHost is known for investing millions of dollars to improve their hosting technology. That is one of the reasons why they have the fastest and most reliable hosting service with less downtimes. More often than not, a wide array of external factors can generally affect the uptime and performance of any hosting site. However, BlueHost makes sure that clients can experience less downtime with up to ninety nine percent uptime. Aside from the basic technology they use to ensure continuous uptime like UPS power backup and diesel generator backup power, BlueHost also boasts dual quad processor performance servers with custom built Apache Web Server.

Their constant investment in hosting technology enabled them to have Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connections which is vital to ensure fast and reliable connections with 24/7 network monitoring and courtesy site backups. And because BlueHost is using Linux Operating System, their system is almost impenetrable by virus and other malware that may affect the overall stability of their clients. BlueHost’s unique CPU segregation technology also enables them to intuitively control CPU usage and memory allocation for every shared hosting account to prevent the server from bad users and over usage.

BlueHost Client Hosting Features

Bluehost’s continued commitment to provide better service and investments on technology development, make BlueHost able to offer web hosting services that are consistently faster than any other web hosting provider in the market. So if you are looking for a reliable shared hosting platform, your best choice is BlueHost. Not only because of the speed and reliability of their hosting structure but also because of the wide array of fantastic features they offer with their hosting plan.

Among the shared hosting feature they have includes unlimited GB of site transfer, free domain name, unlimited domain hosting and web storage space, forwarding email accounts with secure IMAP and POP3 email support, intuitive cPanel, customizable error pages, comprehensive hotlink type protection, unlimited add on and parked domains, full FTP type access, and a whole lot more.

BlueHost’s shared hosting features also offer clients a full range of multimedia features that include Streaming video support, streaming audio support, real audio and video support, MIDI file support and add custom MIME types. All these features are available for a very affordable hosting price and if you will use a Bluehost hosting coupon code, it can help lower your monthly cost to just $3.95 per month. And for the same price, you are also given the opportunity to access thousands of website templates and an additional one hundred dollars worth of Google AdWords credit. BlueHost supports almost all known innovative technologies using the Linux platform. This includes Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, Python, PostgreSQL, Perl, Fast CGI, CGI, SSL and Secure Shell or SSH.

BlueHost’s shared hosting services allowed business based websites to join the competitive industry of online marketing. By providing a highly interactive environment, your website will always be ready to accommodate online visitors looking for new ways of surfing the internet. BlueHost has a wide array of useful tools for creating websites particularly those that have been designed for e-commerce function. Web scripts for e-commerce, forums, CMS, blogs, image galleries, as well as other features are easily available on a single click with easy installation procedure.

No other shared hosting service can provide features, reliability, and speed as what BlueHost offers to its clients. And with the help of their easy to use site building application, creating and setting up your own website is very simple and cost effective as well.

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