BlueHost Support International Domain Names

BlueHost Support International Domain Names

One of the main advantages of using BlueHost’s hosting services is that they do not limit domain extensions you may want to host with them. They even provide support for international domain names and all you need to do is to add it to your Domain Manager. It is as simple as that and compared to other web hosting platform, the simplified process of adding domains as well as the limitless option they have for hosting domains is an edge for everyone.

This said, any BlueHost member with hosting account can host any domain extensions by basically assigning the domain to their hosting account and pointing the name server to either and or BlueHost offers a step by step instruction on how to easily assign a domain, international or local, to their BlueHost account. And with regards to registration of domain, they presently accept .org, .com, .us, .info and .biz domains for registration. Other domain extensions not included in the list of currently accepted extensions must be registered first with other domain registration provider that offers support for that particular extension. From here one, clients will be able to point their name servers to BlueHost so they can use their hosting services.

Finding Domains Supported By BlueHost

When you are looking for domains supported by BlueHost, there are several technical factors that must be considered in order to determine the actual worth of the domain name. More often than not, Top Level Domains or TLDs are accepted because of its wide usage and possible high value. This is usually the extension that is located at the end of the domain like .net, .org, .biz, and .com, among many others. Normally, a potential domain with a .com name will basically sell at least four times the value of the other equivalent domains using other more common global extensions like .org, .info, or .net.

At present, there is a growing popularity of using extensions specifically designed for mobile products and services. The .mobi extension is a specific domain name for mobile devices and with the growing demand for websites that cater specifically for mobile services, this type of extension will soon become higher in value in the near future. Some countries also use specific domains like .ph (Philippines), .de (Germany), and (United Kingdom), among many others. These domains are among the most prestigious names and may have higher prices in some conditions.

But even if BlueHost is not in the position to sell or register these domain extensions, users are encouraged to register their domains somewhere else and use it as an add – on domain at their BlueHost account. This will enable them to have the domain they want and have that particular domain point to the BlueHost’s name servers.

Domain Valuation And Purchase

Another important consideration to make when it comes to the valuation and purchase of domain names is the volume of words it has. True word domains or names with a single real word that has no abbreviations or misspellings whatsoever can drive enormous value in the easy market internet industry, especially when it has the .com extension. Most website owners or those who are planning to set up their own sites and have no huge financial capacity may choose to use unpopular domains so they can afford its purchase. Two word domain names with no abbreviations or misspellings can also fetch a higher value as long as the name is easily monetized and it has a high quality TLD. Domain values may significantly drop down if they contain more than three words.

Domains using unpopular extensions especially those that are geographically based like .uk or .ph among others will be more affordable. But the problem is only a few web hosting providers support these domains in their hosting packages. But with BlueHost’s support for international domains via its unlimited domain add ons, anyone can host their sites using BlueHost servers without having to spend more than what they can afford.

Domain names that contain abbreviations, special characters not included in your standard keyboard, those that have misspellings, hyphens, or other related peculiarities can still be used and registered at BlueHost. However, domains that are already trademarked or copyrighted may have no value at all because there is always the possibility that the trademark owner may take away the domain one way or another as soon as they find out about the existence of that name on the internet.

When looking for a domain to be hosted with BlueHost, it is important to find the real value of a particular domain before actually buying it to make sure it will be worth your investment once you use it for your website. And with BlueHost’s support for international domain names, you will have no problem hosting it once you acquired the domain you want.

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