BlueHost True Resource Management

BlueHost True Resource Management

BlueHost has been in the web hosting industry for almost fifteen years. By being so, they are already familiar with various problems and technical glitches that come with web hosting. The truth is that it will only take one user using a rogue application or program to start a cache full of website problems and slowness in performance for all customers. Even with innovations in hosting technology, the only viable solution to this is to shut down a particular application that comprises the integrity of the entire web hosting structure. After shutting down, the customer with rogue application will be moved to a dedicated server or a VPS which is quite expensive and is much harder to maintain compared to regular hosting program.

For this particular problem, BlueHost has developed their own proprietary solution or True Resource Management to resolve these particular technical issues. And the good news is BlueHost offers this feature to their clients for free. First of all, BlueHost’s True Resource Management offers extensive protection from users with offensive applications and programs that might consume too much memory and disk I/O functions. The CPU Segregation Technology is truly an amazing feature that cleverly controls the CPU usage and memory allocation for every shared hosting account in order to prevent bad or over – usage from abusive users.

The True Resource Management also provides consistent and reliable web hosting experience for client websites without too much downtimes typically associated with other shared hosting services. And because this is a fully automated process, users are guaranteed to have 100% seamless and secure hosting experience so they do not have to do anything on their side. BlueHost’s True Resource Management helps save clients from the need to deal with almost all technical glitches that result to the slowing down of the system due to abusive processes.

True Resource Management Advantage

The True Resource Management feature of the server not only maximizes the computing power and efficiency for data center storage space but it also enhances the network connectivity to high speed. In addition to that, BlueHost also provides flexible, highly versatile and secure platform which users can utilize for website expansion purposes. The accessibility of its data center class is backed by a comprehensive hosting technology which sets the criterion for efficient rack ready servers in the market today.

With all these unique and highly innovative features for managing resources, the BlueHost is certainly one of the leading names for efficient and multi-purpose web hosting provider in the market today. Using a unique engineering technology, network speed and connectivity has been enhanced to yet another level. BlueHost’s hosting technology offers a ground breaking and highly innovative efficient performance with the utmost energy and distinctive security efficiency feature. With its integrated cryptographic acceleration and CPU segregation technology, this will certainly guarantee a secure and efficient web hosting service at record breaking wire speed. It is also capable of accelerating the application response time and reduce the high energy consumption by using by making sure abusive users and malicious applications are fully segregated.

Among the major applications of BlueHost is that it makes an excellent, extremely efficient web server and deployments for MySQL. It also has major intensive network applications aside from various features such as unlimited FTP, secure email platform, intuitive cPanel, and a whole lot more. It also has an exclusive security application which allows you to fully safe guard your entire web structure. BlueHost’s hosting technology is specifically designed for it to be one of the most dependable and scalable web hosting platform which include bringing your deployments of MySQL to a higher level pushing the boundaries of what this server can actually do to make the web a whole new experience for its millions of users worldwide.

Affordable And Secure Hosting Option

Compared to other hosting platforms, BlueHost has the most comprehensive hosting services and the most affordable in the market. With a Bluehost domain coupon, you can significantly lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month. This special promo comes complete of features that include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, secure email platform and a free domain. The basic hosting package is also inclusive of unlimited IMAPI and POP3 Accounts, unlimited FTP Accounts, E-mail Alias Add-on Domains, Sub Domains, Parked Domains and Auto Responders. On top of that, Bluehost also allow you to buy a dedicated IP for your hosting account with free Site Builders and Private SSL upon sign up as well as free instant set up.

BlueHost also offers reliable customer support. This web hosting company is well liked among clients because of its speedy and responsive customer support either via phone or email. Other customer support platform includes BlueHost ticketing system and 24/7 Live Chat support. For a very minimal amount of monthly hosting plan, BlueHost is offering a one of a kind deal for everyone.

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