BlueHost Password Protect Directory

BlueHost Password Protect Directory

BlueHost password protected directory are part of the e-commerce package benefits that any online merchant can take advantage of. This aspect of e-commerce website security is cPanel compliant. The web hosts that offer control panel for site administration would usually provide password protected directory. The feature is located in the cPanel Security Section. Lay hold of Bluehost discount code which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month.

If you desire to password-protect a directory or a folder of your e-commerce site to restrict access to certain webpage, all you need is to integrate a password to such directory in your Control Panel. Sometimes, password protection is a temporal remedy. You can learn how to both add and remove password.


How it Works

When you have any need to protect your directory with password, simply sign into your control panel. Under “Security” sub-header, choose “Protect Directories”. Immediately, a dialogue box will pop up requesting for the directory you wish to open. Select the option labeled “Web Root” and hit the enter key or click on the “Go” icon. Check the drop-down list for the folder or directory you wish to protect with a password. Select the name of the folder or directory by clicking on it.

Next, look out for the icon that reads “Password protect this directory”, give a name to the directory. Click save to save the name you’ve just given to the directory. If it has been added successfully, a confirmation page would appear. Return to the previous page and add usernames and passwords under “Create User”. The usernames and passwords that you’ve added would become the prerequisite for accessing the directory you’ve just protected. Once you complete the user creation, you will see “Authorized Users” displayed under.

Subsequently, when visitors to your e-commerce site tries to access the existing or new directory you’ve just password protected, they will be requested to provide valid username and password. Access would be denied if the correct username and password are not provided. Thus, you’ve restricted access to such directory or web page to certain people – those who have the usernames and passwords.

Advantages of BlueHost Password Protected Directory

As said earlier, when you password protect a directory, folder or webpage, you’ve succeeded in restricting access to such page only to those who are authorized. This would ensure that the person expected to log in is indeed the person logging in, not someone else. Consequently, this can substantially help in preventing issues such as hacking, identify theft and illegal access. Enhanced security to the entire website is achieved with the SSL certificate and other sophisticated security programs. However, password protection helps to provide further safety and protection, especially when sensitive pieces of information are involved.

You can also remove the password protection. In certain situations, protecting a directory with password could only be temporal. For instance, a newly completed e-commerce site may be password protected while testing it out, and eventually made accessible again after the testing period.

To remove password protection on a directory on your e-commerce site, follow these steps; Sign in and open your Control Panel. Next, choose the menu “Password Protect Directories” and click on “Web Root, hit the “Go” button. Look through and locate the directory you protected with a password initially. The way to select the directory when you find it is to click on its name and not on the icon by its side. Look out for “Password Protect this Directory” box and uncheck it, then save to complete the process. That’s it, both the process of password protecting a directory and removing the protection are simple.

Indeed, password protected directory is desirable features that would be integrated onto an e-commerce shared hosting package, depending on what you want to achieve. Whether it is a directory, folder or web page, limiting access ensures that only the authorized persons are allowed to get to certain areas. This security measure helps in frustrating and driving hackers away. This can also help to minimize identify theft and other forms of online fraud.

The cPanel Feature

The cPanel feature which harbors the ‘password protect directories’ menu is an essential aspect of shared hosting platforms. The user friendly nature of the cPanel interface is worth commending. It makes it easy for even a layman to add or remove password protection with ease. Once you are able to follow the simple step-by-step tips above, it would only take couple of minutes to password protect directory and to undo the action. With BlueHost password protected directory feature, there is no limit to the extent you can use this feature to provide added security to specific pages or directories on your e-commerce page. Don’t forget to leverage Bluehost coupon which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month.

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