BlueHost OpenPGP/GPG Encryption

BlueHost OpenPGP/GPG Encryption

BlueHost OpenPGP/GPG encryption is one of the security features that come with BlueHost shared hosting packages. With the GNU Privacy Guard (which is also called GnuPG for short), emails and individual files encryption is possible, and you can also sign them digitally. GPG is the major command-line tool for GnuPG; it is so called due to its replacement of PGP being the initial encryption tool accessible to those with strong cryptography integrated onto it. PGP is an abbreviation for Pretty Good Privacy, created by Phil Zimmermann. The PGP is a great tool that provides authentication for data communication, a desirable feature for web masters and online merchants. You can take advantage of Bluehost special offer which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month.

Valuable Applications of BlueHost OpenPGP/GPG Encryption

PGP is extremely valuable when it comes to providing extra security to your e-commerce website. This security and privacy tool offers cryptographic privacy as well as authentication for data communication. It encrypts and decrypts texts as they leave one server and lands in another, including directories, files and emails. Ultimately, the security of email and data communications would be greatly increased. The PGP is in line with the OpenPGP standard for data encryption and decryption.

As an online merchant and e-store owner, running an e-commerce website that customers can trust is extremely important. They want to ensure that the data they exchange with an e-commerce site in the course of transaction is safe and secure. Therefore, they look out for strong security tools and applications when trying to choose an online merchant to transact with. With the rise in identity theft and other forms of online fraud, online shoppers have even become more resolute and careful in choosing an e-commerce website. Therefore, if you can prove that the clients’ data and sensitive information passing through your e-store are secure, you’ve already won the hearts of many customers. So, how do you guarantee maximum security to both existing and potential clients? Simply take advantage of the e-commerce security tools offered by reliable web hosting service providers. BlueHost OpenPGP/GPG encryption and the BlueHost Secure SSL secure server are great security features that come with BlueHost e-commerce packages.

Features of the BlueHost OpenPGP/GPG encryption

By default, emails and other text files or data transmitted electronically via web are insecure. Thus, there are tons of risks to electronic messages and data, including unauthorized alterations or viewing, as well as sender impersonation; these are what online con artists and even high officials embark on day by day! Therefore, encryption of data, emails and other messages transmitted via web is very important, especially for the online merchant whose success depends highly on the loyalty of clients and customers.

Here are the great features to enjoy with BlueHost OpenPGP/GPG Encryption;

Increased Security and Confidentiality

Integrating OpenPGP/GPG onto data and emails increases security and enhances confidentiality, by enabling the signing of a message or document digitally, so that the receiver is able to verify the sender’s identity, plus the assurance that the data or message is intact.


The compatible nature of PGP with newer features, especially as it evolves, is worth mentioning. Thus, as PGP evolves, they are increasingly becoming compatible with newer features and algorithms, hence are capable of creating encrypted messages. However, the older PGP systems are not capable of decrypting the messages or data which the newer PGP created. However, this can be resolved by mutual agreement on PGP settings by those involved.

Security Quality

It has been proven that there is no available method or process that any individual or group of persons can use to break PGP encryption! This is particularly true about the current versions of PGP. So, protection of data en route over a network is ultimately guaranteed when using BlueHost OpenPGP/GPG encryption. This maximum protection is also extended to data in long-term storage device – e.g. files in disks.


Creation of certificate authorities is possible with the current versions of OpenPGP using the trust signatures. The trust signature simply points to the fact that the key is actually for the person claiming to be the owner, and also, that the claimed owner can be trusted to sign subsequent keys specifically at one level right under his.


Combining top security features and tools in your e-commerce website would greatly increase the confidence of clients and customers. The stronger the security systems in use on your e-stores, the better and more reliable your e-store would be. Also, the web host you are passing through to take advantage of security features should be reliable. Ensure that the security of your online customers is your priority in order to retain them and improve their shopping experience. Give them what they can rarely find elsewhere in terms of security and other aspects, then they would never have to look elsewhere.

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