BlueHost Real Audio and Video Streaming

BlueHost Real Audio and Video Streaming

In the present business environment, choosing a webhost provider that supports real audio and video streaming is highly essential as you will find out later in this article. BlueHost real audio and video support hosting plan is a desirable multimedia feature for both multi-media websites and regular business websites. Bluehost coupon discount which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month is available right now, and anyone can take advantage of the coupon to further lower cost on BlueHost innovative web hosting packages.

Does your web host support real audio and video? If no, you need to reconsider. In the present business environment, rich media has become an important aspect of gaining a competitive edge over your competitors, while presenting your concepts, ideas and business offerings clearer to your customers in the shortest time possible. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the positive ripple effects of rich media in business growth, your web hosting provider must have audio and video support features.

Do you know that internet surfers are tired of the same way and pattern of presenting information and business concepts? This is why video and audio searches are gaining popularity on major search engines. People want to hear the voice of someone giving them further and clearer explanations on the concept or product being presented. They also want to watch the real live presentation of such concepts, products or services. So, if you are not integrating rich media files into your business presentations, your online visibility may not be substantially guaranteed. You may have noticed that Google and other major search engines are increasingly featuring video contents in the top 10 list of their result pages. So, traffic also depends largely on audio and video contents.

So, Why Should You Go for BlueHost Real Audio and Video Support?

Increased Competitive Advantage

Any online venture that features live broadcasts with the aid of web hosting audio or video streaming is able to gain a competitive advantage over its contemporaries. The ability to get information in front of those who need them in real time makes an online business ‘ an authority’ in its niche, unlike the ones that would just report the fact later.

Enhanced User’s Experience

Generally, audio and video web hosting support provides increased user experience as it relates to overall performance. The reason is not hidden; audio and video hosting features are specially optimized to deliver audio and video contents more effectively. You would appreciate this benefit greatly when several users are trying to access the audio or video content simultaneously, which is always the case with viewing of live events. In fact, broadcasting live events is not even feasible without streaming applications. You can’t get this added-value if your webhosting provider is the traditional type.

Increased Control over Your Files

BlueHost real audio and video support also provides the benefit of enhanced control over the audio and video files you share with users. When the traditional web-hosted media is involved, users would download your audio or video content directly. The moment such downloads are completed, you are no longer in complete control of such files in terms of how it is distributed or used. On the other hand, streaming files are not downloadable in the real sense; as a result, you are able to retain control over your audio or video files.

Progressive Download Versus Streaming Video

Perhaps you are asking, what’s the fuss about streaming audio when I can simply use the ‘progressive download’ system via the conventional web hosting services? Well, you may have to look at the limitations of using the progressive download approach in order to understand things better. Using the progressive download approach comes with major limitations; for instance, the download time can become unbearably longer due to the large size of the audio and video files; unfortunately, web surfers are usually not patient to wait. But, with real audio and video web hosting support features, your audio and video files would start to play just with one click, no waiting time unlike the case of file download.

Also, there are additional desirable benefits of audio and video web hosting support over the conventional web hosted files. If you are a newcomer online, those visiting your site would not have any hitch in accessing all aspects of your audio and video files. And, they can do that at any time. Also, when audio and video web hosting is involved, complete download is not needful for the file to start playing, so it is a much faster process, and streamlined too – this is not the case when conventionally hosted media is involved.

Obviously, in the 21st century, you can’t afford to carry on business conventionally without integrating flexible and more stylish features such as video and audio marketing. This is highly facilitated when you choose web hosting plan that offers audio and video support.

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