BlueHost Linux Server

BlueHost Linux Server

Why Choose BlueHost Linux Server?

BlueHost Linux server is one of the world class web hosting technologies that BlueHost provides for its valued customers. In the ever-changing World Wide Web and internet, you need flexible web hosting tools to meet the present challenge at each point in time. BlueHost offers all of its innovative shared hosting features and tools affordably, and you can also take advantage of Bluehost promo which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month.

Originally, Linux was developed as a free OS (Operating System), specifically for Intel x86-based PCs. Subsequently, Linux became ported to more computer hardware systems when compared to other operating systems. Today, it is known as the leading operating system, not just on servers but also other gigantic iron systems – e.g. supercomputers. Today, nearly 95% of the leading 500 fastest supercomputers operate with some versions of Linux. Also, in the web hosting world, Linux-based web hosting has become popular due to the features and advantages outlined below.

Pricing/Cost Effectiveness

One of the major attractions to BlueHost Linux server among web developers is the cost benefit. In fact, virtually all Linux editions can be taken advantage of at no cost – e.g. Debian and the Red Hat. So, since the operating system cost is eliminated, the total cost of Linux-based web hosting package is ultimately reduced. Subsequently, web developers are able to make more profit, and their customers also benefit from the entire low-cost package by paying lower for website development.

Further Low Costs

The cost advantage of Linux based web hosting is not only in the 0% cost of the operating system itself, but also in terms of other features and applications that accompany Linux-based web hosting. For instance, you would get essential desktop and server applications for free when leveraging Linux web hosting; examples of such applications include Web Server, File Server, FTP and DNS Server. All these applications are valuable for web design.

Compatibility Feature

Also, the compatibility capability of BlueHost Linux server is one of the reasons for its popularity. Linux is compatible with different software programs as well as other operating systems. Thus, there are no difficulties in hosting a Linux-based website on other operating systems’ servers – e.g. hosting a Linux-based website on a Windows-based server. On the contrary, it is quite problematic trying to migrate a Windows-based (or other operating systems) website to Linux-based server. Therefore, experts recommend early migration to Linux-based web hosting to bridge the compatibility issues; besides, you can always go back to other operating systems from Linux servers with ease.

User-Friendly Feature

Contrary to the opinion of some people, Linux is a user-friendly interface. Once you get the grasp of the navigation tools (which is quite easy), you would be accomplishing task on Linux platform with ease. It doesn’t take a completely different procedure to set up Linux web server features from what is required in setting up Windows-based features.

Performance Feature

In addition to the features and benefits mentioned above, BlueHost Linux server is also popular for its high performance compared to other operating systems. Linux-based server is generally stable and rarely gives issues like other operating systems out there. When you put Windows side-by-side Linux, given all other factors associated with web hosting in terms of administration and power supply, Linux would usually outperform Windows and other operating systems. In essence, Linux-based web hosting facilitates better management, reliability as well as improved up-time.

Open Source Feature

This feature is basically the reason for the low-cost nature of Linux software – low-cost but highly efficient. Unlike the high licensing fee associated with other operating systems, Linux as an open source software program requires low licensing fee, hence the overall low cost of other applications that come with it. This is why Linux-based web hosting package is very cost-effective with all its innovative features.

Low Vulnerability

Also, compared to Windows, Linux is less vulnerable to issues such as virus attack, hacking and similar issues that affect Windows and other operating systems easily. For this reason also, most webmasters prefer Linux-based web hosting more than other operating systems web hosting.

Bottom Line

It must be stated that Linux web hosting does not bring complete solution to all web development situations. However, it provides far better alternative when compared with other operating systems out there, as it relates to web hosting. The key advantages above are the major attraction to Linux web hosting. So, when you put these factors in view and compare Windows and other operating systems, you would inevitably come to the agreement that BlueHost Linux server web hosting has more to offer. Don’t forget that you can grab the Bluehost coupon which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month.

All has been said, the final decision between Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting is left for you.

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