BlueHost Reseller Hosting

BlueHost Reseller Hosting

If you are one of the many people who want to experience quality web hosting but has no financial capacity or have enough money to pay for web servers and other built-in software for web hosting, you need to know that there is an easier way to quality web hosting. There are web hosting companies that provider reseller hosting plans that are not only cost effective but very beneficial as well especially for those with limited budget. One of the most recommended reseller hosting providers is BlueHost.

BlueHost’s reseller hosting technology is a dominant form of hosting technology that has been designed to help create, enhance, host and manage various types of web reseller sites. They have been in the hosting industry since 1996 and their expertise in this field has been supported by continued investments in technology development to provide customers with a much better hosting service compared to other companies. Their experience and commitment to provide better hosting service makes them one of the most sought after reseller hosting provider in the industry today. They continually make every effort to bring their customers a better level of hosting services while keeping costs at a minimum. This enables them to keep their competitive edge while passing the savings down to their clients. And with a team of well trained support staff, you can guarantee you are be in good hands from the beginning of purchasing your reseller hosting plan to finish.

BlueHost Reseller Hosting Features

Although BlueHost is relatively new to the reseller hosting industry, they are definitely not slouching around when it comes providing the best reseller hosting service. That is why the company is among the most widely trusted reseller hosting provider by a continually expanding customer base.

Among the reseller hosting features they offer include private name servers, free billing system, free spam protection, free website builder, free simple scripts, and multiple languages. They also offer unlimited domains and sub domains, unlimited cPanels with intuitive interface, unlimited MySQL Databases; unlimited email addresses using secure emailing platform and unlimited FTP accounts among others. BlueHost reseller hosting also supports three different web based email platforms that are accessible via its intuitive webmail interface. At present, only a few web hosting companies provide a web based way for accessing email accounts especially for reseller hosting plans. This particular feature enables users to access their email accounts using any computer wherever they are without having to configure any software already installed in the system that is why it is one of the most important integration to any reseller hosting programs.

BlueHost Reseller Hosting Packages

BlueHost provides a diverse collection of reseller packages that can meet the individual reseller hosting needs of their clients. Every reseller packages comes complete with a wide array of reseller hosting features from MySQL Databases to cPanels, unlimited domains and sub domains, FTP accounts, and unlimited email addresses. Resellers also have access to private name servers, comprehensive spam protection, simple scripts, billing systems, multi language support, and website builders among others.

Sky Blue Reseller Hosting Package

This particular reseller package is among the most affordable reseller hosting program offered by BlueHost. Clients can enjoy up to a100 GB of web space in line with up to 15MBps of continuous transfer speed. These features are combined with a free domain and unlimited accounts not to mention a very affordable reseller hosting price. Both professional and novice web owners can benefit from this extraordinary reseller hosting package.

Electric Blue Reseller Hosting Package

All the features and amenities provided for Sky Blue is also available for Electric Blue reseller hosting package with some additional freebies and enhanced features. With Electric Blue, you can expect to have up to 250 GB of web space while enjoying up to 25 Mbps of transfer speed. For a very affordable monthly fee, this is almost double the speed and disk storage space of the Sky Blue reseller hosting program. This improved version of BlueHost’s reseller hosting package doubles most of the key features in the hosting plan which is an excellent offering for those looking forward to experience unparalleled hosting performance.

Most of the web hosting companies today offers only a very limited amount of disk storage for the same price offered by BlueHost for their reseller hosting packages. Web owners and developers understand the importance of having larger disk storage space. It is very important to any reseller hosting plans since it will be the amount of web storage you will be allowed to utilize on the server which you can also use to keep your web files secure. If your reseller hosting plan has bigger storage capacity, you can be able to improve your website without risking its performance.

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