BlueHost ShockWave

BlueHost ShockWave

BlueHost is one of the reliable web hosts offering affordable web hosting package for more than 15 years. They offer all the essential web hosting features and multimedia features. They support streaming video, audio and Flash. BlueHost Shockwave support is a new feature included in the package. You can get the web hosting package for just $3.95 per month by using Bluehost hosting offers.

What is Shockwave?

Shockwave is one of the important products of Adobe for adding interactivity of media and animation onto your web pages. It offers the Adobe Director an opportunity to be published and viewed on any web browser, where the Shockwave plug in is installed. The websites that offer online games and movies find Shockwave technology more beneficial. It is also useful to add charts and graphs and do calculation. You can create interactive testing and training courses with the help of this technology. Any website that requires detailed navigation can enjoy the benefits of Shockwave well. With BlueHost Shockwave Support, you can create a versatile, lively environment where you can interact with your website visitors.

Major Advantages of Shockwave

Adobe Shockwave is the most dominant format today for displaying animated graphics on the web. You can build and run your online gaming site or any other interactive sites with BlueHost Shockwave support. By choosing Shockwave technology, you can enjoy ample benefits.

  • Shockwave is the ultimate technology for online games and download games. you can allow your visitors to play games 24/7 and choose from a range of games, like action games, card games, adventure games, puzzle games, kids games, sports games, shooter games, word games and much more.
  • Shockwave is vector based, so it is very easy to scale the graphics. They can be zoomed in and fit onto various size screens. The image will still look clear and crisp and play smoothly. This is the major benefit offered by Shockwave. Bitmap animation does not provide clear graphics, when scaled.
  • Shockwave loads much faster. It was especially created to be compact and lightweight to display entertaining animations. You can reuse them on any system. It works well with slower network connections as well.
  • Shockwave uses a lossless data compression method, which helps you get easy and smooth compression.
  • The technology supports transparencies like GIF and PNG.
  • Shockwave offers versatile tools for creating rich, interactive interfaces. Shockwave equipped websites offer a great experience to the visitors. It also includes stunning media compression for transmission over networks and methods for media streaming.
  • Unlike other animation tools, Shockwave does not require to play anything sequentially like a movie. The technology has the ability to play back animation randomly or in arbitration. You can therefore respond to viewer interaction easily. Shockwave is more than just an animation tool.
  • Shockwave combines all the downloaded media into one comfortable package.

Why Shockwave is a Smarter Option?

HTML is ideal for creating static web pages. However, if you want to add color and liveliness to your website, you need to add images and animations. HTML does not support dynamic sites, where text, graphics and animations are moving around the screen. In the past, GIF and Java applets were used to create images and animations. Though GIF can be used to create animations, it does not support interactivity. They just loop images in a specified order. Shockwave technology makes it possible to control the animations. It loads faster and uses more color than GIF.

Java is another approach to add animation to sites, but it requires programming skills. Shockwave is much similar to Java applets. It is a small program that can be embedded into your HTML pages. It is extremely easy to create animations using this technology. With BlueHost Shockwave support, you can create images and animations, no matter what your programming skill level is.

Use Shockwave Technology to Make it More Interactive and Entertaining

BlueHost Shockwave support helps you provide a rich graphical environment to your site. It provides a means to add animation and movies for your websites and relieves you from the trouble of programming complex graphics. You can use it to create an intro for your website. This adds to the appealing look of your website. It also helps you to build interactive menus. You can add special effects for site intros to enhance its usability and attractiveness. Simply adding text may make the visitor to skip intro. Shockwave Flash animation increases the chance of your visitors reading the intro page. You can add a status bar in the intro section to inform how long it will take to load and a mute button for embedded music. This helps the visitors to get the best possible experience in your website.

Getting BlueHost Shockwave support is one of the most affordable ways to attract and retain your website visitors.

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