BlueHost Tikiwiki

BlueHost Tikiwiki

What is TikiWiki?

In simple words, Tikiwiki is free source software. It uses Smarty, jOuery, Zend Framework, MySQL as well as PHP. This software is very well featured and tightly integrated. It includes Wiki+CMS+Groupware, thus making it an all-in-one application. A huge International community has actively developed Tikiwiki. It is popularly known as ‘Tiki’ in the technical world. Creating portals, intranets, knowledge base, extranets as well as web applications are some of the top functions of this software.

Tiki has gained tremendous amount of attention, courtesy the ‘out of box’ features that it offers. No other open source web application is known to offer features like Tiki does. Every feature is administered with the help of a web based interface. Features are highly modular and configurable.

Major Tikiwiki Features

As mentioned earlier, Tiki includes a host of amazing features. Some of the important ones include news articles, blogs, newsletters, discussion forums, wiki engine, image and file galleries, quizzes and surveys, links directory, calendar, FAQs, mobile Tiki, maps, tags, category system, RSS feeds, spreadsheet, state of the art theme engine, live support, menu generator, inter user messaging, permission system for groups and users, shoutbox, authentication support (external), search engine (internal) and a lot more.

Why opt for BlueHost for TikiWiki?

BlueHost is all about dedication to achieve excellence. This quality has earned BlueHost a place in the list of top hosting companies around the world. It is equipped with the latest server room technology along with the most advanced server to ensure that the website speed and customer’s uptime is not compromised in any way. It is trustworthy and reliable, the two qualities that every customer is looking for while choosing a good hosting company. It is also stable, innovative, helpful as well as knowledgeable. When compared to a number of other leading hosting companies, BlueHost is certainly backed up by a highly efficient customer service system. It is available around the clock with extremely smart and polite executives. BlueHost has a wonderful track record as well.

Above all, BlueHost is known to be very reasonable. Customers and clients are not too upbeat about shelling out lot of money. As far as Tiki is concerned, client can avail this wonderful application at a price as low as $3.95 on a monthly basis with the help of a Bluehost discount coupons.

Why use TikiWiki? – Top 10 Reasons

  • Tiki is licensed LGPL. It is opensource software
  • Tiki is equipped with all the features a client would essentially be looking for. Also, series of features are comprised in a system that is bundled ever so tightly
  • It has a good group and user permission. Thus, clients are able to give access to people to exactly what they are looking for
  • Tiki uses Smarty, one of the most powerful templating engines. With the help of it, client can go ahead and customize a Tiki site without much of fuss. The theme control features and site identity make this process easy.
  • With Tiki, compatibility with a host of environments, including MySQL is very much possible as it uses database abstraction (ADOdb)
  • Tiki has received a number of awards and recognitions from the software community. It has also been nominated on several occasions
  • There are about 300 developers associated with the active community of Tiki. Also, the number of total registered users has exceeded 12,000
  • According to data, Tiki code is updated once every two hours by the developers. Hence, active development is a continued process
  • Tiki community has maintained an official Tiki documentation. It contains as many as 1500 wiki pages. A fully illustrated PDF is also a part of this documentation
  • It is one of the best open source software available in the market today


There is no dearth of web hosting companies. Especially, in this day and age where having a website for every business has become almost essential. Internet has become a wonderful promotion platform where businesses are not only getting recognized, but making money as well.

Out of all, BlueHost is a hosting company that has proven to offer good quality service on a consistent basis, thus making it a highly recommendable. Hence, if you too are looking for Tikiwiki application, opt for BlueHost right away.

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