BlueHost Social Networking Scripts

BlueHost Social Networking Scripts

BlueHost is one of the few reliable web hosting companies in the industry today that offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can get standard hosting features like disk storage, domain, site builder, site transfer and IMAP support and much more from BlueHost web hosting package. They offer many free website scripts to increase the functionality and popularity of your website. BlueHost Social Networking Scripts is one among them. It is useful to get into social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Orkut. The official price of BlueHost hosting plan is $6.95 per month, but you can get at a discounted price of $3.95 per month by using Bluehost hosting offers.

Social Networking Scripts

Social networking sites have attracted the interest of thousands of internet users. Social networking scripts allow you to make use of this trend. You create your own social community using these scripts. You can use them for creating groups for the purpose of professional, business, romance or any other networks. BlueHost Social Networking scripts are available for free, which helps you enjoy their benefits without spending a dime. By allowing your users to network with their friends, family and colleagues, you can drive viral traffic to your website.

Features and Benefits of Open Source Social Networking Scripts

BlueHost Social networking scripts help you create a networking community effortlessly. You can also customize the networking portals to suit the needs of your members. The open source script is not encrypted, so you are free to modify the software, according to your requirements.. They are very to install and maintain. You can find attached help files with them, which help you to manage, maintain and operate your community easily.

You can get a lot of value added features, including blog, events, chat, forum, video, music and classified by using these scripts.


This feature helps you to post blogs on your site. You can also share information about the blogs via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites. This helps increase your site ranking.


Important events and birthdays can be stored with essential details using Social Networking scripts.


This feature allows you to chat with the members in your network.


You can post forums on hot topics using this feature. It can be connected with multiple threads, so that you can get comments or reply for the forum. This is another easy way to get higher ranking for your website.


Using BlueHost Social Networking scripts is one of the simplest ways to upload multiple photos and make album. The photo feature makes it easy to upload photos with title and description.


You can add YouTube videos using this feature.


You can share your favorite music with others.


You can post ads belonging to any category by using this feature. The feature also provides you with the ability to accept responses from users.

Tips to Use Social Networking Scripts to Improve Your Online Business

With the help of BlueHost Social Networking Scripts, you can widen your market and reach more numbers of potential customers. The script helps you create your own community of online users quickly and effortlessly. Having a community of prospective clients and customers can help you make your online business successful. You can use the social networking scripts to do various things.

  • You can use the scripts to introduce a new product or service to the members of your community.
  • They help you understand what the members in your network really like and what they do not like. They offer a cost effective way to analyze buyer behavior, taste and trend.
  • The scripts help you reach a lot of customers both on a local and international level.
  • The social networking scripts help you get a sense of freedom to do things, according to your preferences. As they allow you to customize things easily, you can change the layout or place navigation tools in the way you want.
  • They give you the opportunity to use and upload photos, links, videos and other information relevant to your business.
  • BlueHost Social networking Scripts help you get useful tools that let you create an online forum as well as discussion board easily. You can interact with your members in the forum and board. You can post comments and get real feedback, which can help you make essential changes in your product or service. You can also get tools to create an instant messenger within your site, so your members can communicate and interact with each other without compromising their privacy.
  • You can create beneficial features like tools for blog and event creation to make your members like your site.

Social networking sites provide you with excellent opportunities to promote your site and improve your online business within a short period of time.

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