BlueHost Uptime And BlueHost UPS Power Backup Technology

BlueHost Uptime And BlueHost UPS Power Backup Technology


BlueHost web hosting company is based in Utah. It is known to be highly reliable, a prime reason why clients and businesses around the world trust BlueHost. A number of reviews and customer feedbacks on different portals have been all praise for the services offered by this company. BlueHost guarantee as much as 99.9% uptime, something that most of the other web hosting companies fail to do.

According to a recent study, BlueHost was monitored for a period of six months and the results were staggering. The company managed to deliver 99.72% uptime. This indicates that the company delivers what it claims, thus standing apart from its competitors. Although, the final result is slightly lesser than as compared to the claim, it certainly shows the ability of this company and is good enough to convince clients worldwide. The fact of the matter is that the company is dedicated towards achieving excellence in hosting world. It is eager to improve all the time, setting high standards as far as quality and service is concerned. This company looks into even those elements that are at times overlooked by others.

BlueHost also offers Bluehost discount code that one can avail in order to hire services at a price as low as $3.95 per month. This includes Drupal web hosting, Tiki hosting etc.

BlueHost uses High Class Technology

Talk about computing technology and BlueHost is known to be equipped with the best and most latest of it. What makes this company unique is the fact that they respect time and like to change according to it, unlike most of its competitors who are using hosting technology that is well and truly outdated. This is also the reason why the company is supporting millions of websites. Equipments and techniques of International standards are used by the company. Also, the fact that BlueHost looks into matters that most of the other web hosting companies fail to do is what makes it Special.

Having UPS Power Backup is Essential for a Hosting Company

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS as it is popularly known is an important part of any web hosting company set-up. There is every chance that the main power supply (utility) of the company could fail without any warning. Unfortunately, many web hosting companies around the world have given little importance to having UPS power backup. Under unprecedented circumstances, this could well turn out to be a disaster for the websites that are supported by the particular company. This is nothing but ignorance on the part of the web hosting company. It also shows its casual approach towards the services offered to the clients.

BlueHost is equipped with the best UPS Power Backup

BlueHost understand the importance of each website. It also understands how important the website is for the business of their client. Hence, at no cost does it want the website to stop functioning right in the middle of everything. With a good UPS system in place, BlueHost is in a position to provide emergency power incase the main power supply crashes.

UPS is different when compared to generators. It provides electric supply instantly and there is no cut in between the supply, even for a fraction of second. On the other hand, a diesel based generator would take couple of minutes before it starts functioning. By having a UPS system, BlueHost ensures that the overall hosting system does not fail in any circumstances. However, UPS runtime is not very long. Usually, power supply would carry on with the help of UPS for a maximum time of 15 minutes. BlueHost ensures that within these 15 minutes, it makes arrangement for alternative power supply to get started and hence prevents an unwanted situation.

Also, power is monitored all around the clock, throughout the year. The fact that BlueHost has its own personalized team of experts also helps in a long way to ensure that everything is going smoothly. With 24 hours monitoring, the team is able to take care of any complication that seems to be taking its toll on the main power supply. Thus, the company believes more in prevention. It has a proactive approach which further helps to attract maximum clients.


In order to offer the most amazing hosting solutions to its clients, BlueHost is making use of Xeon servers. The data center is based in Utah. With such spectacular and state of art technology on offer, BlueHost strives hard every single day to ensure that there is no disconnect in the power supply. Also, in a rare scenario wherein power supply might get disconnected due to elements such as a natural disaster, the company is equipped with technology that would ensure that supply is cut for a brief time. This way, the downtime of websites is minimum and so is the damage.

It is due to such minute attention to detailing that this web hosting company is recommended to all the clients, businessmen, entrepreneurs and other individuals looking to start up with a website.

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