BlueHost Apache Server

BlueHost Apache Server

Are you looking to take advantage of BlueHost world class technology for your web hosting? BlueHost customized Apache Web Server is a great choice. The customizable nature of Apache Server is one of the major attractions to this world class technology. Thus, web developers and webmasters can enjoy tons of customizations when Apache web server is involved. At Bluehost, such top-notch web hosting tools come with affordability, plus the Bluehost coupon which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month.

Modular architecture is one of the major features of Apache web server that enables customization. Thus, anyone can integrate new functions onto the application. Actually, majority of the codes that accompany Apache distribution are structured in modules, so that addition or removal of functions can be performed with ease.

The Apache Server

Commonly known as the Apache HTTP Server, Apache is a kind of web server software program. Its key role at the onset of the World Wide Web development and growth is quite notable. The first web server program ever to beat the one-hundred million website milestone is the Apache HTTP Server. Also, the very first practical alternative to the NCC (Netscape Communications Corporation) web server was Apache. Subsequently, this innovative software continued to evolve until it eventually became the leading web server in terms of performance and functionality. The customized Apache server can do even much more. The application can run on different operation systems such as Windows, Linux, NetWare, Novell and more.

Current Statistics on the use of Apache Server

Since 1996, April precisely, the top HTTP server in use is Apache. Early in September 2012, the following statistics were generated on the use of Apache;

  • Nearly 55% of the entire active websites are being served by Apache
  • 54.98% of the renowned servers across the entire domains are served by Apache

Special Features of BlueHost Customized Apache Web Server

There are tons of features that come with BlueHost customized Apache Server. First, you can access the following without any form of restriction; configuration files, logfiles and cgi-bin. Additionally, you would enjoy the following features;

Virtual Sub-Hosting

The virtual sub-hosting feature aids multiple domain names support, so that each domain name settles to its own special subdirectory all in just one virtual server. In essence, you can for instance host “” and “” on same server, and each one would retain its domain name as well as its distinctive website content.

Supports Dynamic Module

With the BlueHost customized Apache Web Server, you can take advantage of the dynamic module support to extend the features and functionalities of Apache; simply add the particular modules of your choice when they are needful. Some of those dynamic user-installable modules you can enjoy with the customized Apache server are; Integrated Support for PHP3 and Perl5, Enhanced Web Server Feature, and more. Additionally, the customized Apache server supports Apache eXtenSion tool (APXS); this tool enables user to compile and link their unique DSO modules – DSO stands for Dynamic Shared Object.

User-Installable Digital Certificates

The Apache server hosting feature facilitates users’ installation of their own digital certificate for their SSL.

This extent of flexibilities and functionalities that you can find with BlueHost customized Apache Web Server is not common with most shared web hosting service providers.

Further Advantages of Apache Web Server

Open Source Software

Like many other open source software programs, it is easy to modify Apache features to suit your specific purpose. Thus, you can further create custom solutions from the already customized BlueHost Apache web server and integrate additional features as well. Tons of these custom possibilities are already integrated onto the Apache web server, and if you can’t find the one that suits your specific requirement, it is easy to create a new one. An open source software program gets updated constantly, this is also applicable to Apache web server. And, BlueHost is committed to bringing such valuable updates to the notice of its valued clients. Such valuable updates are equivalent to newer versions, so that users would not have to wait for newer versions in order to enjoy the recent features of Apache.

Low Cost

Another added advantage of Apache web server is low-cost. The open source nature of this software program makes the overall web hosting plan with customized Apache web server affordable, since the software itself is free. This is huge savings considering other server technologies that cost as high as $470 – $1,000, typical example being the 2008 Windows Web Server. Thus, you can save big time by leveraging BlueHost customized Apache Web Server. You can further lower cost by taking advantage of Bluehost sale which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month.

Indeed, BlueHost customized Apache Web Server is a desirable web hosting plan for any programmer and webmaster.

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