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BlueHost Coupon $3.49 Per Month

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Bluehost is one of the number one web hosting providers that provides comprehensive hosting solution even for those with limited budget. BlueHost offers quality web hosting solutions that are designed to match the hosting requirements of both businesses and private individuals alike. The goal of the company is to offer high quality hosting services with the best possible prices. Their constant innovation and service upgrade are offered at no additional charges.

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BlueHost Coupon $3.49 Per Month Enter Here

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BlueHost offers the latest solution in high performance and high power shared hosting technology. BlueHost offers an innovative solution in efficient and fast server hosting while providing easy to use interface without reducing the overall efficiency of hosting performance. At present, BlueHost is hosting millions of websites with and focuses on service quality, affordability, and unparalleled reliability.

As a web hosting company, BlueHost offers customers with an all in one hosting solution with everything you need to setup a website. The company’s offerings are popular to majority of small business owners and bloggers particularly those who are into affiliate marketing because of their cost effective web hosting solutions. At present, they have more than two million satisfied customers making them as one of the biggest web hosting service providers in the internet today.

83% Discount On Shared Hosting Packages

At a glance, the pricing on every hosting package offered by hosting companies are to some extent, relatively the same. BlueHost offers a hosting package for $6.95 per month and the plan is inclusive of unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email, and a free domain. This web hosting package is on a special discount promo at present for only $3.49 per month. Using a BlueHost coupon, they may as well offer their web hosting plan for free with that current pricing. The $3.49 promotional price is for new customers only.

BlueHost’s special $3.49/month promo comes with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email, and a free domain. The beginner’s package is also inclusive of unlimited FTP Accounts, POP3 Accounts, Add-on Domains, Sub Domains, Parked Domains, E-mail Alias and Auto Responders. In addition, Bluehost Pro Package also offers a free dedicated IP with free Private SSL and Site Builder upon sign up as well as free instant set up.

BlueHost’s easy to use control panel allows you to set up your own forum, blog and WordPress with ease and this includes several PHP scripts with just a click of the mouse. You can also get seventy dollars worth of free advertising credit from BlueHost which can pretty much cover the hosting cost you obtain when you first setup your site.

Innovative Technology At Half The Price

When it comes to web hosting services, Bluehost provides unlimited web hosting services with a bunch of innovative technologies at half the price compared to other web hosting services.

For the price of $3.49, you have the opportunity to take advantage of BlueHost’s CPU Segregation Technology. This amazing feature cleverly designed hosting technology manages the CPU operation and memory allocation for each one of the shared hosting account. This significantly helps a lot in avoiding over – usage from bad users. Although Bluehost is not the only hosting provider that resells servers by using third party technology, they have a comprehensive development team and the company is known for investing millions of dollars on developing innovative technology each year.

24/7 Customer Support

On top of all the unlimited hosting features offered by BlueHost as well as the entire free web hosting tools and add-ons, the hosting company is also popular for their anytime money-back guarantee. Even if you are using a BlueHost coupon to save fifty percent on your hosting fee, you are still entitled to the company’s 24/7 customer support. The technical support offered by BlueHost is top notch with its round the clock assistance with no additional fee.

BlueHost is known for its fast and responsive customer support either through phone or email. Compared to other hosting company, the hold time with BlueHost only averages less than thirty seconds and this is quite impressive especially if the company is servicing several thousand clients all at the same time. No matter what the type of support you choose from live chat to phone support, easy to follow setup wizard,video tutorials, ticket system, BlueHost has it covered.

Most hosting site reviews and forums often talk about how BlueHost support team goes out of their way to help customer resolve technical issues. If you are new to this industry, a good customer support like this will be very beneficial on your part especially if you have someone to guide you through until everything is completely settled.

For only $3.49 per month, you can now enjoy a comprehensive and very reliable hosting solution from BlueHost. Some companies may provide a more affordable alternative but be prepared for something ugly things to happen along the way. You may have saved money but in the long run, the hosting service is not half as good as what BlueHost can offer for $3.49 per month.

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BlueHost Perl

There is no doubt that the Perl 5 is one of the world’s number one available technologies that is used in order to easily automate the website server, and there is no doubt that the Perl 5 is still considered to be one of the most cost-effective and powerful technologies today. If you want to take-on your website development, the BlueHost Perl 5 will be a valuable tool for you.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and superb website hosting solution, then BlueHost is just the site hosting company that you have been looking for. With the BlueHost coupon, you only get to pay $3.95 per month! This is one way to save big on your hosting costs.

When is Perl 5 the Ideal Tool for the Job?

Okay, let’s face it, Perl may have a little hitch but the BlueHost Perl 5 is simply the best solution required for writing a really large group of system administration scripts. Making use of the BlueHost Perl 5 will get this job done much easily and faster than any other language.

The great thing about the Perl code is that can be written to readable, maintainable and of course, elegant. The BlueHost Perl 5 has loads of properties and features that make writing short programs – typically one liners – a whole lot easier, this is simply because this is what a lot of users utilize it for most times. But, there is nothing in Perl that stops it from writing comprehensive, maintainable programs.

Agreed, Perl may not be for every Tom, Dick & Harry. A user will need to be a very good programmer in order to write in Perl. But, codes written by a bad programmer in other languages will definitely be problematic as a code that is written by a bad Perl programmer.

BlueHost Perl 5 – Web Developer’s Best Friend!

If you plan to develop your own site, then the BlueHost Perl 5 tool will definitely come handy. There are so many great reasons why you will need Perl for your website development project.

Using Perl is a Whole Lot of Fun!

Writing Perl code with the BlueHost Perl 5 tool is not only fun, it is also quite rewarding as well.

  • Users can avoid having to deal with a lot of idiosyncrasies such as memory allocation & freeing, inconvenient sentence structure for complex data structures or being able to pass a context variable to a task.
  • The code is effective and also brief.
  • Users will be glad to know that there is a lot of DWIMmeries (Do-What-I-Means) that will make programming much simpler.
  • Your code can also be transferable across every UNIXes, and on Windows and other types of platforms – all you will require is a little amount of awareness.
  • The BlueHost Perl is extensively documented and you will be able to get lots of interactive, human responses to your questions from website forums, mailing lists and online charts.

A lot of very serious programmers love using the BlueHost Perl 5 tool!

The Perl 5 is Very Useful

The BlueHost Perl 5 can be used in order to accomplish a variety of tasks such as:

  • Games programming
  • System administration
  • Web automation
  • Text processing ]
  • GUI programming
  • Code generation
  • Number crunching
  • Lingual & etymological research
  • Bio-informatics & genealogical research
  • Website programming
  • Website automation

Another really cool thing about Perl is that it can be used for virtually any use. The BlueHost Perl 5 can be used for in-house software, website software, open source or non open sauce software. There are so many great things that you can achieve with the Perl 5.

You Can See the World with Perl!

The BlueHost Perl 5 has the most vital programming paradigms and has applied them in a really fun and consistent way. This tool is a dynamic language, which clearly supports OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), Aspect-Oriented Programming, FP (Functional Programming) and lots of other well known buzzwords, without trying to stop you from writing fast codes in order to get your work done.

There is no doubt that Perl is really a valuable tool to have. If are very good at using Perl, you will have no qualms using other languages such as PHP, Python, Java, Ruby or other kinds of languages. As a matter of fact, the BlueHost Perl has proved to very influential on a large number of these languages, – at least to a great extent.

As mentioned above, BlueHost offers a tremendous website hosting services which can be accessed at just $3.95 per month! All you will need to do is to take advantage of the BlueHost coupon offered by BlueHost and you will be able to get access to superb site hosting at just $3.95 monthly! What are you waiting for?!

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BlueHost Simple Scripts / Fantastico

Do you know that you can actually make life a whole lot easier with the BlueHost one click installation feature – aka, the BlueHost Fantastico and BlueHost Simple Script?

One of the great things about choosing BlueHost as your site hosting provider is that you will not only get superb service, you can also get to pay just $3.95 each month on your site hosting plan! All you need to do is to make use of the BlueHost coupon and you will be able to save a few bucks each month!

One of the things that can actually be very annoying when it regards the process of launching a new site is the manual script installations! Sheesh! A couple of years ago where there were no script installers like the BlueHost Fantastico (which comes with a standard website hosting plan), it could really get excruciatingly BORING!

Thanks to the advent of Fantastico! The Fantastico has actually become a great blessing to the website hosting industry and a large number of top site hosting companies offer this unique tool to users (automatically) with their site hosting account. This made it a whole lot easier and faster to install scripts – yay!

What Makes Fantastico All that and a bag of Chips?

One of the great things about Fantastico is that it offers you the chance to (easily) install a broad variety of top site scripts. With a single click, installing these scripts with Fantastico will be a piece of cake. From blogs to forums, you will be glad to know that there is a piece of software that you can easily install using Fantastico – you will definitely find this tool very valuable.

Accessing BlueHost Fantastico is Easy!

Are you wondering how to access the BlueHost Fantastico? This is very simple task to do. As a matter of fact, all you are required to do is to simply log on to your BlueHost site hosting control panel (cPanel). As soon as you are in, simply search for the Fantastico button, then click on it and you will be immediately taken to the cPanel’s Fantastico section in order to carry on with your quick script installations.

How Secure is the BlueHost Fantastico?

The BlueHost Fantastico is extremely secure! You do not need to worry your head about pesky hackers getting their sticky paws on your data, simply because you are making use of Fantastico to make your website development a lil easier. As a matter of fact, no user has complained that Fantastico is the reason for a malicious hacker attempt.

To be a little more specific, BlueHost is the website hosting service provider while Fantastico is one of its very interesting features. The combo of BlueHost and Fantastico will give users the opportunity to do great things with their website.

When you sign up with BlueHost you will be given a BlueHost cPanel account. When you log in to your BlueHost cPanel you will see loads of scripts that you can set up. When you make use of the BlueHost Fantastico installer, you will find the script installation process easy. This tool can also be used to assist you retain the scripts for the newest version. This is perhaps one of the general purposes of making use of the Fantastico installer.

Users will also be happy to know that the BlueHost Fantastico also offers a lot of free scripts as well. If you wish to install any one of the scripts like Joomla, WordPress blog, phpWCMS, PHP-Nuke, b2evolution blog, Nucleas blog, Mambo Open Source, Drupal, Geeklog, Post-Nuke, help center live, then you will need to utilize the BlueHost Fantastico, so that you can easily install these scripts with a simple click!

BlueHost Simple Script

As mentioned earlier, BlueHost is one of the best site hosting companies that provide excellent service to its numerous users. The BlueHost Simple Scripts is also one of most reliable and secured functional tools offered by this site hosting company.

The BlueHost Simple Script is pretty much like the BlueHost Fantastico. The only difference between the Simple Scripts and Fantastico is that the Simple Script is much advanced and is the only installer tool that is utilized to set up PHP scripts. In order to improve the features and functionality of your site, you can easily select from the broad range of scripts that is readily available within the BlueHost’s Simple Scripts. Being able to easily add a blog or forum to your site will no longer be a overwhelming task, with the BlueHost Simple Scripts you can do this within a couple of clicks.

Take advantage of the BlueHost coupon in order to save big on your monthly website BlueHost site hosting cost! You will only get to pay $3.95 per month if you use the BlueHost coupon! Hurry and grab a BlueHost coupon NOW!

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BlueHost PHP

Did you buy your BlueHost website hosting plan prior to the introduction of the BlueHost PHP 5? Then chances are that your sites are still on the service that provides support for only the BlueHost PHP 4. With more and more applications that need support for the BlueHost PHP5, users may need to upgrade to PHP5. Thankfully, BlueHost is a website hosting company that will make the upgrade super-easy!

It is impossible make your online business a successful one without the ideal website hosting service provider. There are many website hosting companies out there, but unlike BlueHost, a lot of these site hosting companies actually do not live up to providing great hosting service.

BlueHost is a site hosting provider that even offers users the chance to lower their monthly hosting cost by paying JUST $3.95 per month! By simply utilizing the BlueHost coupon, you can easily lower your monthly hosting cost and save a couple of bucks!

PHP for Dummies

There is no doubt that PHP is one the most preferred choice in the web word. PHP is simply an all-purpose scripting language used particularly for server-side website development where PHP will typically run on a website server. The PHP’s clarity in website design, properly organized module and improved upkeep of a variety of technologies sure makes the PHP a well known language in the internet based industry. The PHP’s credibility and popularity can actually be measured by the fact that well known social networking website such as Facebook and reputable organizations such as Harvard University, are both based on PHP because it is easier to maintain, improve and update PHP websites from time to time.

Why Choose the BlueHost PHP 5?

There are so many reasons to choose the BlueHost PHP 5 for your site. Here are just a couple of the reasons why you ought to choose the BlueHost PHP 5:

  • Cross-Platform

One of the great things about using PHP is that it is cross-platform and will enable operation across a variety of operating systems. The BlueHost PHP 5 works superbly on Windows, UNIX and LINUX platforms. In addition to this, it interfaces seamlessly with MySQL/Apache.

  • Support

As mentioned above, PHP is very well known. As a result, there are quite a number of guidelines and references available online. Users can also find a teams, support groups and forums that easily support PHP. If you are stuck somewhere, the BlueHost customer service support team will give you all the necessary support that you require. This wealth of internet support is also available in a variety of languages.

  • Get High Returns

Because the BlueHost PHP 5 will offer you the opportunity to create mind blowing sites, this will ensure more visitor participation and thus higher returns.

  • Embedding is Possible

One of the great things about the BlueHost PHP 5 is that it can be embedded into HTML very easily, this making it extremely easy for users to convert an already existing (but static) site, into a bright, new and dynamic site.

  • Stability, Flexibility & Speed (SFS)

These three are the major qualities that typically attract online based business owners to select the BlueHost website hosting plan.

  • A Much Brighter Future

Although the PHP 5 is already well rooted, but the prospects that the BlueHost PHP offers is infinite; users will be glad to know that there can quickly develop simple scripts. What this means that users will devote very little time and energy towards their website design.

  • Extensions

Another cool thing about the BlueHost PHP is that it has several extensions and is highly scalable. This will help you to easily calculate return on investment (ROI) and provide you with a much better position over your competition.

  • Other Website Based Tools

Do you need to have access to other internet based tools such as Google maps (having access to Google maps is highly advisable for business sites) or any other type of tools? Then the BlueHost PHP makes it very easy for you to access.

Online business owners that have chosen to take advantage of the BlueHost coupon code will be able to get access to the very best website hosting plans and will able be to get access to paying affordable rates for their monthly hosting service. The BlueHost coupon offers users the chance to save big on their hosting plans package each month. With the BlueHost coupon, users will only have to shell out $3.95 per month!

Users will also love the other many wonderful features offered by BlueHost. If you have any questions concerning your website hosting plan, you will be happy to know that the BlueHost customer service team will be available to assist you and to answer all your questions 24 hours a day and 7 seven days a week!

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BlueHost Webmail

BlueHost supports three different web based email solutions accessible through its webmail interface. Not all web hosting providers offer a web based way for accessing email accounts. This allows users to access their email accounts using any computer wherever they are without the need to configure any programs installed in the system.

Every BlueHost web hosting account is inclusive of three distinct web mail clients like RoundCube, Horde, and SquirrelMail. If you want to check your mails via a desktop application like MS Outlook Express or through Thunderbird, you can utilize the auto configure system so you can automatically set up your email client.

BlueHost is one of the web hosting companies that provide unlimited POP3/POP3 and IMAP secure e-mail support. The primary advantage of this is that every e-mail account has its own login details and password. So, if you are operating a company website and you want your staff to have their own email account for your site, you can generate secure email accounts regardless of the volume you want as per the number of staff you have and each of these accounts will have its own mail storage space and mailbox. Each user will have their own login details and password so they can individually access their own mail box via webmail online access or email client software.

With three different webmail supports system, this will allow clients to effectively manage their messaging requirements without wasting valuable time and resources. This is one of the benefits of being able to support three web based email solution because it provides website owners the ability to manage their own e-mail access even without employing the services of qualified web content developers. This effective tool is also very cost effective because it does not need any direct human intervention to operate after set up which will save you huge money on maintenance and training costs.

How To Use The Webmail Client?

The best way for accessing the web based email platform is by logging into the BlueHost’s cPanel and clicking the link for WebMail. From there, you can choose any of the webmail clients either the RoundCube, Horde, or SquirrelMail. You can also log in directly to the webmail client of your choice via these URLs. Just replace the address with your own domain address and you will go directly to the webmail client.

For Horde, you can use this URL:

For RoundCube, you can use this URL:

For SquirrelMail, you can use this URL:

If you will login in your webmail via the webmail icon located on the main page of your cPanel, you be logged in using the default email account system. If you want to log in on one of your additional accounts using the cPanel, you must first go to your Email Accounts and then select the icon for Access Webmail located next to the email account you want to access. Type in the corresponding password and login name and click the login button.

Secure E-mail Connection

Aside from offering three different web based email solution, BlueHost also provides secure email support which is a great advantage for businesses and other organizations who want to setup their own internal communications via web based email retrieval system.

Secure IMAP and POP3 email support is included in the unlimited email offered by BlueHost. And using a Bluehost coupon link, you can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month and have the opportunity to use of the most secure email feature along with other unlimited features like Forwarding E-mail Accounts, free web scripts (Message Forum (PHPBB and More, Form-mail Scripts, Social Networking Scripts, Blog Support for WordPress, b2evolution, etc., Mailing Lists and a whole lot more), e-commerce features, comprehensive multimedia features, and a whole lot more. All these great hosting features are available for $3.95 per month with no additional charges or hidden costs.

POP3 and IMAP secure email platform supports multiple mail boxes within the BlueHost server. Web clients can make, remove, and or rename mail boxes based on their preferences. With multiple mail boxes support, BlueHost can give direct access to public and shared folders. However, web clients can regulate access rights by using the Access Control List extension.

Incorporating an effective but secure mailing system is more than just a localized networking system and communication that allows companies or other organizations for that matter to incorporate its operational framework while bridging their employees into a centralized workforce. Today, the secure e-mail platform has become an essential part of business operation which allows them to cut on unnecessary communication expenses and other related operational expenses while maximizing the productivity of each employee. This is one of the reasons why BlueHost’s hosting packages is not only among the most reliable but also the most cost effective hosting plan ever introduced in the market.

10 (100%) 8 votes