BlueHost vs WebHostingPad

BlueHost vs. WebHostingPad

BlueHost and WebHosting Pad are among the leading names in hosting industry with topnotch hosting services. These hosting companies have, in their own definitions, provided customers with outstanding value with their plans with innovative and fully functional control panels inclusive of all features needed for setting up and maintaining a working website. There are several features that are similar with BlueHost and WebHosting Pad and if you will not look closely, it will quite hard to choose which is which the best hosting provider when it comes to reliability, speed, and affordable hosting packages. But no matter how similar their services are, there are certain differences that could help you decide which one is more capable of meeting your hosting requirements.

Pricing and Hosting Packages

At a glance, the pricing and hosting package offered by each company are somewhat the same. BlueHost offers a hosting package for $6.95 per month and the plan is inclusive of unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email, and a free domain. This web hosting package is on a Bluehost promotion at present for only $3.95 a month.

On the other hand, WebHostingPad offers a monthly professional hosting plan for the same price of $6.95. Although WebHostingPad sometimes offer promotional prices, the interval is a bit long so if you want to really save on your monthly hosting fees, you might as well wait for their promotions or go with BlueHost coupons which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month. Then again, WebHostingPad recommends their Power Plan Plus package inclusive of a shared SSL certificate, advanced spam protection and advanced statistics for around $5.99 per month. But if you want to have SSL certificates and still be able to save money on extra charges, BlueHost is offering Comodo CA for forty five dollars a year which is a good deal compared to other hosting companies.

WebHostingPad Coupon “LOVE” $25 OFF

If you want to sign up WebHostingPad, you may use a coupon named “LOVE” to save $25. To enjoy this special WebHostingPad coupon $25 OFF offer, you must type the coupon code “LOVE” when you sign up at WebHostingPad and click “Check Coupon”, see a picture below. This coupon code is valid for 36 months plan or above.

Setup Tools And Other Features

BlueHost and WebHostingPad are known to provide useful tools for creating websites especially those designed for e-commerce operation. Scripts for forums, blogs, e-commerce, image galleries, CMS, and other features are easily available on a single click with easy installation procedure.

WebHostingPad uses Fantastico while BlueHost offers SimpleScripts which is among the most favorable script installer because of it has in excess of seventy applications to choose from with several tools for Search Engine Optimization, multiple site building applications, ShopSite e-commerce cart, and a whole range of special offers on various commercial grade products and items. Alternatively, WebHostingPad includes an easy to use site building application, with over a hundred top of the line templates that can be previewed online before you even consider purchasing the service.

E-Commerce Site Building

If you are planning to build e-commerce websites WebHostingPad and BlueHost offer secure servers with several open source programs to choose from. This is ideal for designing and creating online catalogs and for selling products online via a secure platform.

BlueHost’s Pro Package offers private SSL and shared SSL certificate, Comodo CA with basic services for forty five dollars per year. BlueHost also provides VPS Resource Protection or dedicated servers offered at the shared server price. They also have an automated system or CPU Segregation Technology which intelligently controls the memory allocation and CPU usage for each of the shared hosting accounts in order to prevent over – usage from bad users and protects against downtime and abusive users.

In contrast, WebHostingPad only incorporates a shared SSL with their upgraded PowerPlanPlus package. This means that if you want to have a more secure website with an integrated SSL certificate, you will have to pay more so the savings you incurred from choosing their $1.99 promotional hosting plan will be quite pointless in the long run.

Technical Support

The technical support presented by WebHostingPad and BlueHost is excellent with its 24/7 assistance with no additional fee. BlueHost is known for its fast and responsive customer support either through phone or email. The hold times only average less than thirty seconds which is pretty impressive particularly if the company is servicing several thousand clients all at the same time.

In addition, BlueHost also have its own online forum where clients can post their queries and other forum members are free to reply which makes the resolution for a particular problem much quicker. The site also has a knowledge database with sixty video tutorials and set up wizard which is a step by step application that allows even beginners to set their site with ease.

WebHostingPad on the other hand offers customer support via email, phone, and live chat. But in contrary with BlueHost, WebHostingPad has a longer holding time which averages less than two minutes compared to BlueHost with less than thirty seconds.

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