BlueHost Free SSL Certificate

Benefits of BlueHost Free SSL Certificate

BlueHost Free SSL Certificates are great tools for the online merchant who runs an e-commerce website. Bluehost is renowned for top-notch and reliable shared hosting e-commerce packages. Luckily, you can take advantage of Bluehost hosting offers which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month. Your e-commerce website is the focal point of your online business. Therefore, customer satisfaction through sophisticated online shopping tools and the security of your customers’ sensitive information would keep attracting the right customers and keep you in business as long as possible. On your own part as an online merchant, managing your e-business is easier and more flexible with innovative e-commerce applications.

What is the Certificate all About?

SSL which is an abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer refers to a certificate that provides network security and safety for websites dedicated to e-commerce. This vital tool is a major aspect of the online protocol, needful for securing customers’ sensitive information. The certificate verifies the authenticity of a website’s server, encrypts information en route, provides protection to data integrity at some point in the course of transmission, and ultimately decrypts the data as soon as it arrives at a secure server.

BlueHost Free SSL Certificate are vital tools for every e-store. It is the major guarantee to your online customers that their sensitive information is secure and would not be vulnerable to hacking, identity theft and all forms of online fraud. Bear in mind that it is important to determine the server type being processed by the website, this would in turn determine the type of certificate to use. Most times, Apache servers are commonly used by websites which in turn requires Apache SSL certificate. In addition to the BlueHost Free SSL Certificates, there are other types such as the dedicated certificates, wild card certificate, including shared certificate, their benefits differ as well.

The Free Generated SSL Certificate

The free certificate is the most cost-effective among the other types of SSL certificates. However, bear in mind that the free certificate may present some potential security risks. This is why you must choose a webhost provider carefully in order to reduce the chances of porous security with free SSL Certificate, and this is where BlueHost Free SSL Certificates would come in handy and valuable.

The Pros and Cons of Free SSL Certificates

We would not have you in dark concerning the pros and cons of free generated SSL certificates. Although you can substantially trust a free certificate coming from reliable source such as BlueHost, the free certificates have a way of portraying un-trusted appearance to an e-commerce site. Also, the free certificates appear to run with less speed, and there’s a much lower perceived reliability. Paid SSL certificate is more trusted and highly recommended. Yet, the free certificate could still be preferable when compared to having credit card info stolen in a store. Depending on the source, you may commonly find the free certificate coming with internet applications that may not be desirable to the user.

Therefore, paid certificates are highly recommended for greater and more reliable security. The paid security will usually carry out profound security verifications. For instance, you can validate the client connecting to your server, to ensure that the user is the actual person who is given restricted access and not someone else. Also, the paid SSL certificate comes with the technology that authenticates data. As a result, it is not possible for an interceder to alternate or substitute a different transmission for the real transmission and goes undetected.

More reliable certificates which are usually the paid types attract fast problems resolution, plus a seal that guarantees the security of the site. Those certificates would also provide vulnerability assessments in order to eliminate the risk of hacking, and to prevent search engines from blacklisting as a result of the presence of malware on the site.

Note: when it is not possible to trust a free certificate, the issuing company has a revocation list, and the list nullifies the certificate. If the company that offers no-fee certificates can no longer be trusted, a browser invalidates the string of certificates coming from that source, and this would result in trust failure. Based on this fact, it is perceived that free certificates are trusted, since their browsers can pinpoint who is trustworthy.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to free certificate, your choice would depend on the extent of security you desire for your valued customers. If you’ve built a large customer base who are loyal to your business, you would definitely consider retaining your loyal customers by settling for paid SSL certificate. Of course, it may only take a few sales to recoup the cost and still retain your loyal customers. However, if there is no element of sensitive information exchange to and fro your e-commerce website, you may settle for the free certificates, especially from trusted sources. At this point, the choice of online merchants would be BlueHost Free SSL Certificates.

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