BlueHost Unlimited Addon Domains

BlueHost Unlimited Addon Domains

There are lots of times wherein add-on domains become very handy. The problem is that not all web hosting providers offer or support add-on domains. And while some really do not want to offer this service for various reasons, there are web hosting providers that will require you to pay additional charges for add-on domains.

But it is entirely a different story with BlueHost. As one of the most innovative web hosting providers in the industry, BlueHost makes sure that they have everything and by everything means unlimited. They offer unlimited add-on domains which means you are not limited to one, two, or seven add-on domains should you decide to go for their professional hosting package.

What Is Add-On Domain?

Add-on domains are the domains you add to your primary hosting account. Your add-on domain has an integrated sub – directory where you can add its separate databases, files, and other contents. More often than not, a web hosting provider can only offer add – on domains if they support multiple domain hosting. As with the case of BlueHost where the company offers unlimited domain hosting, the support for add-on domains is already there.

If you have the chance to host multiple domains, you are also widening your opportunity when it comes to managing multiple sites using one integrated control panel. BlueHost’s unlimited add-on domain hosting offers you the ability to add multiple domains on your primary domain using your cPanel together with your personal domains. By being able to support add-on domains, BlueHost helps make website management issues more straightforward which naturally come with having one too many websites.

If the size of the website is rather large, it is only safe to assume that it will also contain huge amount of web contents. A large volume of web content is not that easy to manage and for most part, web owners and maintenance staff will have difficulty in properly orienting and updating the website due to the large number of materials that need to be constantly monitored. By using an effective web hosting system that supports add-on domains just like what BlueHost does, the staff will be able to efficiently monitor your web content while creating easily accessible database. The administrative feature of the cPanel will analyze how to effectively manage your content from various domains without sacrificing your website’s online security.

For smaller websites, use of add-on domain hosting is not highly required although it will be beneficial in the long run. As traffic progresses, its content will also increase in volume and if you have introduced add-on domains on your website on its planning stage, managing its content as it grows will be more convenient for your part.

Benefits of Unlimited Add-on Domains

If you have unlimited add-on domains, you can save a lot of money in the long haul because you are able to host multiple sites on a single hosting account. This means if even if you have five websites, you will only be required to pay the fee for your primary account. With Bluehost hosting coupon, you can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month and still maintain your privilege of hosting more than one domain on a single account.

Website management will also be a lot easier on your part because you can now manage several websites all at the same time using one control panel. In addition, the subdirectory also enables you to add another domain and make it like it is entirely a different website than your primary website. BlueHost’s unlimited add-on domains also give you the capacity to easily access your domains in multiple URLs.

Using BlueHost’s unlimited add on domain hosting allows website owners, even those with no adequate technical knowhow to manage their websites while reducing the need to employ the services of highly skilled and equally expensive webmasters. With excellent features in web hosting technology, BlueHost significantly improved the website hosting experience while providing website owners to make their web pages more competitive and accessible at half the price offered by other hosting companies. Accessible features and faster loading time will allow your website to cater to the needs of your target market without wasting any generated traffic while simplifying your control and site management regardless of the number of sites you are hosting.

These are just among the few benefits you can enjoy by using a web hosting service that supports unlimited add-on domains. In all simplicity, you can now upload all your databases and web files to its own dedicated directory without having to pay additional hosting fee. Although BlueHost also supports sub domains, their unlimited add-on domain feature is more than enough for anyone. This gives you the power to easily manage all your sites without having to use multiple web hosting accounts.

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