BlueHost vs JustHost

BlueHost vs JustHost

It is not easy to compare BlueHost and JustHost because these are among the best website hosting providers in the internet today. But with a closer look, you will be able to spot the subtle differences that make the other hosting provider more reliable and a good option to choose for your hosting requirements.

JustHost has its own structure of basic membership plan which they refer as the “last plan you will ever need”. This costs just around $3.95 which is inclusive of a free domain for unlimited period of time with no hidden charges and a free instant setup. However, BlueHost also offers a similarly priced hosting plan in combination with a Bluehost hosting discount which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month. Both hosting provider offer unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts, unrestricted domain hosting potential and unlimited MySQL databases.

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Unlimited Bandwidth Confusion With JustHost

Even if both BlueHost and JustHost may offer the same features, there is a slight difference with their unlimited bandwidth feature. JustHost may offer unlimited bandwidth but if you will read the agreement clause more closely, you will see a section that actually restricts your unlimited bandwidth feature. It says that “they reserve the right, in their private discretion, to suspend service to any client with a website or other related hosted data that will take up more than ten percent of the server resources and or ten percent of the server’s CPU.” If you check the same agreement for BlueHost, their terms and conditions seem friendlier than JustHost and you will definitely enjoy the unlimited bandwidth almost infinitely.

If only JustHost is able to make everything work, they actually have a good if not better hosting plan compared to other web hosting providers. Their premium plan is around $8.95 per month and users can get three unlimited domains. A lot of users are often complaining about the way JustHost treat their clients and there are also certain glitches that the company seem not to know about even if users point it out to them. Users often complain of a very slow control panel not to mention the limited options it has compared to BlueHost.

In general, even if JustHost may have the same features with BlueHost at a glance, you will only see the major differences once you try their service. Simple things like lack of secure web disk options as well as unsecured file transfer option because JustHost offers FTP. However, for twenty dollars per year, you can use Secure FTP by activating SSH for a fee. This feature is offered by BlueHost for free. Both companies offer the same pricing for dedicated IP but if you want SSL certificates, JustHost offers RapidSSL at around sixty five dollars per year while BlueHost is offering Comodo CA for forty five dollars a year.

BlueHost’s Pros and Cons

BlueHost offers a number of premium features that are ideal even for those with budget problems. The company has been offering unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth with adaptable terms and conditions, MySQL databases and hosted domains. Additional features include unlimited FTP Accounts, Addon Domains, Parked Domains, Sub Domains, POP3 Accounts, E-mail Alias and Auto Responders. Bluehost also offers a free dedicated IP just like JustHost and both hosting site offers free Private SSL and Site Builder upon sign up as well as free instant set up.

JustHost’s JustPlan Premium deal is matched with $3.95 basic membership of BlueHost inclusive of unlimited hosting space, free domains, unlimited file transfer with 2,500 email accounts. BlueHost also offers site promotion package with free cart and eCommerce software. The package is also inclusive of free forums and blogs and several Yahoo and Google vouchers to help users set up their own PPC and SEO campaign. BlueHost also features an innovative CPU Segregation Technology which cleverly manages the CPU usage and memory allocation for each of the shared hosting accounts so as to avoid over – usage from bad users. Even though Bluehost is not the only provider that resells servers while using third party technology, they have one of the best development teams in the industry and the company is popular for spending millions of dollars on innovative technology development each year.

One of the major advantages of BlueHost over JustHost is its age and number of members. BlueHost was establish several years earlier than JustHost and as expected, BlueHost has a larger customer base compared to JustHost due to the head start. But regardless of their inception period, both web hosting companies are among the stronger brands in the market boasting over a million of hosted websites each year. BlueHost also offers a comprehensive money back guarantee which is more straightforward compared with JustHost which is proven by the fact that a lot of JustHost clients complain of the very slow process of getting their money back because of unsatisfactory service.

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