BlueHost Network Monitoring

BlueHost Network Monitoring

BlueHost 24/7 network monitoring is a great way for webmasters and developers to go to bed in peace, knowing that their websites’ network is being monitored 24 hours, 365 days a year. Choosing a webhost that would guarantee uptime at all times and ensure that your website is not interrupted 24/7 is the best way to make the most of web hosting. Take advantage of Bluehost deal which can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month and enjoy 24/7 network monitoring, including other top-notch web hosting packages from BlueHost.

How Does BlueHost 24/7 Network Monitoring Work?

BlueHost has a team of technical experts who work round the clock to keep their eyes on the in-flow and out-flow of data via your website’s network. Subsequently, clients are confident that their website would always experience the best possible uptime. And, should there be a problem with the network, the technical experts get to work instantly to resolve the issue in the shortest possible time. BlueHost operates with the industry uptime standard of 99.9%, so you can be rest assured that the reliability and stability you desire for your network would are guaranteed.

In the present day business environment, most businesses are completely relying on technological networks. Both small and big businesses are using various forms of networks in running their businesses day to day, especially web-related networks. So, what do you think would happen when such networks pack up without prior notice, even for one minute? Obviously, businesses will lose massive profits instantly, since their customers are not able to access their network! Luckily, this can be prevented substantially by leveraging reliable network monitoring service such as BlueHost 24/7 network monitoring.

Features of BlueHost 24/7 network

Preventive Operations

One of the major ways that network monitoring helps in solving possible network outage issues is through preventive operations. You may be asking, what is this preventive operation all about? It’s simple; the whole essence of monitoring network is to play the role of an early warning system. This way, the technical experts can alert owners and managers of an envisaged network issue before it occurs.

Devices Status Monitoring

This is an essential aspect of BlueHost 24/7 network monitoring. In addition to preventive operations monitoring, the team of technical experts also check the health condition of network devices critically, as well as some other lines of business applications. This way, an issue can be detected earlier before it causes a downtime on the entire network. As soon as they detect any potential problem, they go to work instantly to restore the device to a perfect working condition. This is one of the sacrifices that go on behind the scene 24/7, to ensure the least possible downtime with your website’s network.

Other features of BlueHost 24/7 network monitoring include the following;

  • Problems diagnosis remotely and implementation of possible preventive measures.
  • Essential services may have to be restarted automatically to aid uptime

More Information about What is Being Monitored

In addition to some aspects of monitoring mentioned above, there are couple of other things involved in 24/7 network monitoring. Essentially, a reliable network monitoring provider will focus on the following aspects;

  • System and application performance
  • Server status
  • Bandwidth usage

Additionally, the monitoring would include software license expiration, server load, data usage, as well as the nature of the devices that are connected to the network. Effective monitoring would extend to these additional areas. However, unauthorized access to network is not part of the monitoring. But, a different system can be put in place to help monitor this aspect if the client indicates.

Benefits of BlueHost 24/7 Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is helpful in several ways. First, it acts as a preventive measure by spotting potential problems earlier before they strike. So, before the vital network experiences a downtime, the technical experts would have come up with a solution. This is extremely beneficial to businesses since even one minute downtime can cause a lot of harm, including lost of profits. Thus, BlueHost network monitoring reduces sudden network crash substantially, thus saving businesses from potential losses and harms as a result of the sudden network crash.

Where to Start?

Ideally, every aspect of network monitoring mentioned earlier should be carried out. However, for small-scale businesses, this may be a huge project beyond your present capacity. In this case, experts recommend that network monitoring system should be implemented on stages. You can start with the following; Internet Data Usage, LAN Data monitoring, Alerts to Present Networks, and Server Status. On the other hand, a larger business can carry on with all the stages of network monitoring simultaneously in order to achieve better result.

Tip: If you are not sure about the best place to start, get help from BlueHost 24/7 Network Monitoring helpdesk.

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