BlueHost cPanel

BlueHost cPanel

The choice of control panel to be used by any web site hosting provider is crucial for determining the overall hosting experience of customers. In any case, the control panel is usually the first area where clients go to set up their domains, email accounts, website, and afterward manage them. Among the many hosting features you can get done using your control panel include setting up your database, installing applications, managing various FTP accounts, and managing the security features of your hosting account.

CPanel Interface

In the case of BlueHost, they have integrated the well liked cPanel which is basically a Linux based web hosting platform that has been designed as an administrative application tool for assisting users to have a simple and more intuitive web hosting experience. If experience is to be counted, cPanel has definitely come a long way and it has been continuously updated over the years in order to better provide a more professional and well designed cPanel version for users to enjoy.

Compared to some control panel platform for web hosting, cPanel is definitely one of the best because of its intuitive and user friendly interface not mention fast performance and reliable features rich system. This is also ideal for beginners because it is very simple to navigate and offers enough options for advanced users to take advantage of lie the cutting edge CRON jobs management. Another fantastic feature of cPanel is that it has individualized sections that are also collapsible so you can drag the sections around. This particular BlueHost cPanel feature allows users to easily organize the cPanel interface to better suit the individual working style of users.

For beginners, BlueHost cPanel feature also include easy to follow setup wizard and tutorial videos located in the Preference Section. This significantly helps users to find their way around and simplify the set up procedures. The cPanel also has a number of valuable partners like the Professional Web Design, Website Templates, Site Lock, Norton for Small Business, and a free phone system and shopping cart.

CPanel Advantage

BlueHost’s web host manager tool is one of the most widely used web hosting application manager because of its efficiency and reliability in terms of performance and speed. BlueHost’s cPanel has made a wonderful job of upgrading all hosting packages that now include cPanel v.11 application. This enabled users to effortlessly administer and control their web hosting account through an online intuitive GUI user interface.

BlueHost’s cPanel also offers access to a free demo version so users can login to their cPanel account and test its features with no fee or additional charges. You can Enter Here to try BlueHost cPanel demo.

One of the major advantages of BlueHost cPanel web hosting manager is that it is constantly upgraded to make sure users will have access to the maximum number of application features without additional cost. In addition, cPanel developers also continuously eliminate software upgrades that compromise the integrity of the application. Matt Heaton, BlueHost’s founder also suggested that they are on the brink of developing a proprietary web hosting manager should there be much better features that can be implemented.

That is why the BlueHost’s cPanel is an excellent choice of web hosting manager ideal for beginners and veteran webmasters because it keeps on getting better. By using the best cPanel web hosting manager, BlueHost is able to provide simple but highly efficient web hosting account management for users while making sure that if there is a much better control panel than the cPanel they are currently using, the company will not hesitate to provide users access to it to better improve their web hosting experience.

BlueHost’s cPanel contains the following features and access to SSL Manager, Process Manager, SSH/Shell Access, Front Page Extensions, Backup, managing OpenPGP Keys, CRON jobs, Disk usage, Search Engine Submit and Network Tools. Not all web hosting account manager application offers comprehensive features and easy to follow application interface. This is one advantage that cPanel users enjoy and with the guarantee of continuous upgrade, cPanel will only get better in time.

All these wonderful features are available for a very inexpensive hosting price and if you will integrate a Bluehost discount code, it can help significantly lower down your monthly josting cost to just $3.95 every month. And for the same monthly hosting rate, you can also access thousands of website templates and an additional $100 worth of Google AdWords credit. BlueHost supports almost all known innovative hosting technologies through its Linux platform. This includes Secure Shell or SSH, SSL, Ruby on Rails, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Python, Perl, Fast CGI, and CGI.

By offering a highly interactive platform via its cPanel application, users are guaranteed that their websites will always be ready to be of service to online visitors who are looking for new methods of browsing the internet. BlueHost’s cPanel has a wide range of functional tools for creating and managing websites particularly web pages that are designed for e-commerce purposes.

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