BlueHost Image Gallery

BlueHost Image Gallery

Get the Most out of BlueHost Image Galleries

BlueHost has been one of the leaders in quality web hosting since its inception in 1996. The company has come a long way since then and is rated as one of the very best. Constantly evolving and adapting to changing market trends, BlueHost has surely survived the test of time as one of the fittest. From the actual quality of the web hosting service to other additional features such as customer support, security etc. there are not many companies that come close to the class and quality offered by BlueHost. With a company like BlueHost, you always have great offers such as the Bluehost hosting offers that bring down your monthly hosting costs to just $3.95.

BlueHost image galleries are just one example of how the web hosting service can help you get the most of your online presence. The best thing about gallery services provided by BlueHost is that they offer names such as Copper mine and many others.

What are Photo Galleries?

Photo galleries, as the name suggests, are a location on your website wherein you can display images in different styles and formats. According to the type of gallery you choose, you can benefit from many customizing options with your photos. These galleries have become an integral part of not just e-commerce websites but also many other kinds of web pages that use images to add a new dimension to their page.

If you have good quality pictures of the products, services or any other subject you want to feature, BlueHost can help you display them. In fact, pictures are the most engaging and attention-grabbing feature you can add to your web design. With galleries like the kind offered by BlueHost, you can be rest assured that you will have your pictures displayed in an attractive and tasteful manner.

Images Can Express what Words Cannot

The cliché ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ is one of the best way to put across the benefits of having an image gallery from your web host. Even the best quality of written content can miss the spot if not accompanied with the right kind of picture. Apart from getting a description of your product or service, the viewer should also get a first-hand look of what you’re talking about. The Illustrations and graphics can also do wonders when it comes to explaining rather complex or abstract phenomenon. It is a fact that people tend to respond better to pictures. This is a great trust building exercise with your audience.

Galleries Result in Higher Rates of Conversion

Good photos are always engaging and eye-catching. They add value and aesthetics to your page making it a desirable place for viewers to stay. The moment people see too much text and not pictures to support, they tend to navigate away. Sure, there are exceptions but this is the case with the vast majority.

Photo Galleries Boost Your SEO Activity

So, it has been well established by now that good pictures and a swift functioning gallery can do wonders to your online visibility. If the images happen to be optimized, they will surely produce better results in search engines. Considering the fact that not many image results show up in these search engines when compared to text results, having such images gives you the edge over other websites. This way, you will see you website turning up first in most searches giving your page better visibility.

However, in order to make the most of this feature, you must ensure that your images are search optimized. Since search engines cannot index or crawl images like they do for text, it is imperative that you tag your pictures well with relevant keywords. You must ensure that you add text wherever possible to improve search results. These images can and will have a dramatic effect on the performance of your website.

If you pick a service from BlueHost image Galleries, you can gain access to a number of great features. Some of them are listed below.

– Arrange pictures by albums and categories.

– All information about your pictures is stored in a database.

– You can either use ftp or the web interface to upload a variety of pictures.

– These galleries offer full media support making it much easier to upload and manage your images.

– They include features such as last added, search, randomizing pictures and so on to make management of these pictures much easier.

– You can integrate your management system with various other bbs.

– The gallery allows you to add captions which can also help improve your online visibility.

– Installation of these galleries is simple and really quick.

This is only a hint of the features you can utilize with BlueHost Image Galleries so make sure you do so and give your website a better chance at succeeding in the competitive online world.

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