BlueHost Parked Domain

BlueHost Parked Domain

Domain parking is useful when you have additional domain names that you want people to be able to use to get to your website. For example, let’s say your domain name is but you also own the domain, if you park one of the domains on the other, then both will result in visitors getting to your website.

Although most web owners often take for granted the benefits of having parked domains, there are lots of times when having extra domains become very handy. The trouble is that only a handful web hosting companies provide support for unlimited parked domains. Although there may be a few that offers unlimited parked domains feature in their hosting plan, some really do not want to provide this feature or if they did, they charge you extra for every parked domain you have.

This is why BlueHost is different from other web hosting providers. As one of the most reliable web hosting providers in the industry, BlueHost understands the real demands of web owners. This is also why they offer unlimited parked domains feature which means you are not limited to one or two parked domains. And with a Bluehost promo code, you can lower the monthly cost to just $3.95 per month while enjoying a full range of hosting features like unlimited Add-on Domains, Sub Domains, unlimited FTP Accounts, POP3 Accounts, E-mail Alias and Auto Responders.

Benefits Of Unlimited Parked Domains

Registering extra domains is not a new practice and a lot of people are doing it in order to reserve a domain that has better potential of attracting huge volume of traffic and at the same time, earn revenues even if the domain is not yet developed. With BlueHost’s unlimited parked domain, you can have as many domains as you want using only one web hosting account.

When you have parked domains and you are not yet planning on developing it, it is more practical to use BlueHost’s unlimited domain parking instead of spending additional money on a third party domain parking service. There are lots of reasons why you would benefit from an extra domain and parking it using your BlueHost account especially with the advent of unlimited domain parking services today.

If you are an internet marketer and you have been in this business for quite some time, you will certainly understand the importance of a high quality domain. So even if you already own one and you happen to come by an available domain that has lots of potential of becoming a success in the future, it is worth investing on it.

Purchasing a keyword based domain directed for untouched high traffic volume market niche can generate huge amounts of profit. But there is always the matter of getting to it first so when you get the chance, invest on extra domains that can earn you revenues even if you are not using it. It will certainly take some time to develop your extra domain using your BlueHost account which is why unlimited domain parking is the best solution that will allow you to earn profits even if it is yet to be developed some time in the future.


Get Your Edge And Park Your Unused Domains

When you have extra domains and you are using your existing BlueHost account instead of a third party domain parking service, you will have the opportunity to produce new content – rich websites that are highly optimized for search engines without having to pay for a domain parking service or another web hosting account.

Unlimited domain parking offers an easy and cost effective way to obtain a particular domain which you can use in your future project either for sales purposes or for web traffic redirection. The unlimited domain parking option is included in the price of BlueHost’s web hosting services and there is not a cap when it comes to the number of the parked domains you have in your BlueHost account.

Unlimited domain parking services can also be an important tool especially for those who are planning to buy and sell domain names. There is still a booming market for the resale of domain names. This is why an unlimited domain parking service just like the one offered by BlueHost is a great way to have a great domain name in front of those who are in the mood to purchase one.

Extra domains using unlimited domain parking service such as what BlueHost offers also have the opportunity to improve online presence and page ranking so if your extra domain can achieve high ranking on search engines for its keyword niche, the value of your extra domain will certainly improve and become more valuable than when you first bought it.

If you are given the chance to host unlimited parked domains using a single account, you are also extending your chances of easily managing multiple domains using a single control panel. BlueHost’s unlimited parked domain hosting offers you the ability to host multiple parked domains on your cPanel account together with your primary domain. When you are using a single account, you will be able to improve your domain management issues because you no longer need to log in to different hosting account.

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